Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday January 5, 2010


Lucy notices that the hospital is teeming with couples. Apparently somebody didn’t bother to watch the first eight seasons of SCRUBS. (Note: A brand new episode of SCRUBS also airs at 8PM on ABC)

Just in case Today’s Top 5 Reasons for tuning into BETTER OFF TED weren’t enough for you, how’s this for reason #6: THE OFFICE’s Creed Bratton guest stars. (Note: A brand new episode of BETTER OFF TED also airs at 8:30PM on ABC)

Tonight’s big question of the day is: Do we tune into the CNBC special that explores the popularity of Apple products and the brand loyalty the company has built up over the years, or simply take a look at our credit card statements (As we type this on our stunning new 27″ iMac, while one ubiquitous white iPhone earbud blasts music into our ear as our iPod and MacBook quietly charge off to the side)

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  • Hil

    TWO Better Off Teds to watch tonight? I know I should be sad they are burning them off, but I am happy to be watching them while they are here.

  • TVFan

    So excited for back to back to back to back laughs on ABC.