3 Stories We Missed While Up in the Air (On our way to the January 2010 Television Critics Association Press Tour)

The unmitigated ratings disaster that is the Jay Leno experiment may soon be coming to an end, with NBC reportidly mulling over ways in which to turn back the clock and return Leno to his now tarnished late night throne. [Source: [ NYTimes, Updated]

Your Monday night just got a wee bit funnier thanks to the release of CBS’ midseason schedule that has the only moderately more entertaining RULES OF ENGAGEMENT replacing the highly unfunny Jenna Elfman ‘laugher’ ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. [Source: Orlando Sentinal]

Having just wrapped the season on what he calls a ‘cliffhanger-y and exciting’ note, HEROES star Greg Grunberg is confident the series will see what will likely be a fifth and final season.

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  • Ace

    Ding dong the witch is dead! I do feel bad for Conan though :(.

  • J

    Oh come on, Accidentally on Purpose might not be great, but it’s not worse than Rules of Engagement!

  • Ace
  • BizarroP

    all 3 of these stories are awfully laughable

  • J,
    Having always found both David Spade and Patrick Warburton moderately entertaining, RULES gets my vote for least offensive of the two mostly missable sitcoms.

  • Dave

    The only thing I ever found funny on Accidentaly was the pot head. That being said its completely over done by every other show and tv which makes it even less funny.

  • TVFan

    1. Forget NBC, I really feel bad for the talent involved, Leno, Conan, Fallon and even Carson Daly… NBC is toying with people’s lives in the media. Not very classy.

    2. Both dreadful sitcoms. Would prefer repeats of HIMYM or TBBT

    3. Read the article on EW. Please tell me Grunberg did not just compare Heroes to Lost. WTF?

  • LB

    If it weren’t for Chuck, Friday Night Lights and The Office (which I hope starts getting better when it returns), I would be so done with NBC. I don’t know what they’re smoking over there!

    I’ve given Heroes too many chances in the past – it really needs to be put out of its misery.