An In Depth Look At GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sex Scandal!

In week two of our plot to become your one-stop shop for all things television related — including soaps — we once again turn to our friends at Soaps In Depth magazine to see what has daytime fans in a lather this week. In doing so, we learn a very valuable lesson courtesy of GENERAL HOSPITAL: It turns out that when planning a wedding, the bride isn’t supposed to actually try and find out if the best man is… you know, the best man.

For months now, sweet little Elizabeth Webber has been hooking up with both longtime love and hubby-to-be Lucky Spencer… and his half-brother, Nikolas Cassadine! Several times a week, she declares that Lucky is the guy she wants to marry, and then Nik will enter a room and before she can say “Wait, we shouldn’t!” they already are. And although Liz is constantly saying that she’s got to tell Lucky the truth, our friends at Soaps In Depth magazine say the decision is about to be taken out of her hands! Why? Because Nikolas gets it into his head to leave town just as someone finds out exactly what’s been going on.

The magazine quotes Jonathan Jackson — who plays Lucky on GH, but many of you might recognize from his stint as Kyle on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES — as saying that his alter ego is about to go through a whole range of emotion thanks to Elizabeth’s betrayal. “Shock, hurt, devastated and then angry,” he shares of the scenes which sound like the kind any actor loves sinking their teeth into.

Of course, the real question is who’ll walk away with Elizabeth when the dust settles. Nikolas could win by default if Lucky sides with the fans who’ve been calling Liz some very nasty names for a while now. On the other hand, it’s not as if Liz and Lucky haven’t strayed before (him with Maxie; her with both Jason and Zander) and eventually found their way back together. Guess that whole “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” thing doesn’t apply to soap couples!

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  • Alison

    I’ve just started watching General Hospital at the beginning of the summer because there wasn’t anything else on haha. So, I’m not exactly who i want Elizabeth to be with.

  • I think it’s about time lucky learns the truth. I hope that lucky dumps her finally forever. She says sorry over and over and keeps doing it first Jason, now Nik will Michael be next. I hope she gets what is coming to her and same with Nik. You don’t go for your brother’s love. I hate how he keeps saying Liz loves him she doesn’t love you she just likes sleeping with you.

  • Susan

    Love the ABC SID cover with Elizabeth/Nikolas/Lucky! But y’all got it wrong about Zander – she didn’t stray from Lucky with Zander because she wasn’t with anyone either of the times that she slept with Zander. The first time, it was supposed to create a Jason/Liz/Zander triangle, and the second time was Elizabeth trying to “do something she couldn’t take back” to prevent her from going back to Ric after their first marriage. It worked – she had Cameron and ultimately figured out that Ric would always be about Sonny.

  • I feeling sorry for Lucky..He should jus broke up with Liz.cuz of Liz and Nik had a affair.

  • CrimsonFan

    I hope that Nik and Liz are together at the end of this. They are grownup and sexy and new; for gods sakes no more boring vanilla LL2 but you need to get some facts straight. Liz did not cheat on Lucky with Zander. She wasn’t involoved with him or even sharing scenes at the time and Lucky slept with her sister Sarah and slept with Sam when he was still married to Liz. Not that I am surprised, since J. Jackson took over the role, a lot of Luckys sins have miraculously disappeared.

  • Ash

    I hope Nikolas wins Elizabeth in the end! I’m tired of Lucky’s past sins being ignored while Liz is made out to be this horrible, evil person. She deserves a man that won’t shatter every other month and who isn’t afraid to fight for her. Nikolas is that man!

  • Lis

    I love the chemistry between Elizabeth and Nikolas and the two of them have years of friendship to build on.

  • JoanieR

    Count me in with the folks who want Nikolas to walk away with Elizabeth at the end of this. Their story has been the best thing about GH for ages now, and if it gets Elizabeth to finally see the truth about her dysfunctional relationship with Lucky, it will go down as my favorite story EVER. Nikolas knows the real Elizabeth, and is ready to risk it all for her – how can I not want that for my favorite character? (As for the history distortion that has happened since the change of actors, GH should be ashamed of themselves.)

  • Nicolette

    Because it should be repeated; Liz did not cheat on anyone when she had a fling with Zander, both were single each time they hooked up. Fact checking is of the good. I agree that Lucky should dump Liz on her keister and never look back, freeing her upfor a mature, intersting, passionate, WATCHABLE, pairing with Nikolas. Hopefully, LL2 are about to be relegated to the annals of soap couple history never to be repeated. Lucky’s sins have been tossed away as if they never happened yet people have no qualms with calling Liz so many names. Liz has always suffered for her crimes yet others on this show slither right along without so much as a single objection from anyone. LL2 have damaged EACH OTHER, this is not remotely one sided at all, but still I say blow up that permentant lock already. Nikolas and Elizabeth together are flawed, soapy, chemically charged and delicious to watch. The perfect daytime couple!

  • Kate

    I am really loving the Lik/Niz/LL2 triangle and hope they will continue even after the reveal next week!

  • Pamela

    It helps it you know the history before you write an article.

    Yes they have both strayed-Lucky with Elizabeth’s sister Sarah, Maxie and Sam- all while with Elizabeth. Lucky can be a big whiny baby at times and has in the past manipulated Elizabeth and she fell for his tricks–dumb or naive.

    Elizabeth wasn’t with Lucky when she was with Zander–so really it’s just Jason. It doesn’t mean she should be lying about this because I just want it to stop–make a decision to move on and if it’s with Nic then just do it already.

  • IrishCasanova88

    As one of the Nikolas/Liz/Lucky triangle fans, I fully support the entire storyline and will continue to support the current triangle even after the reveal next week! LONG LIVE NIZ!

  • Stacy

    First off you forgot about Lucky sexing it up with SAM just to hurt Liz. It wasnt just Maxie. He also slept with Liz sister. And when Liz slept with Zander Lucky wasn’t even in the picture. That was a triangle with Jason.. not Lucky.

    And Jonathan Jackson needs to remember that HIS Lucky was not the only one when quoting stuff. The character of Lucky betrayed Liz long before she did him.

    This show would be a lot better if the writers and recappers actually remembered what actually happened like the viewers do. With that said I hope Liz/Nik are the ones that come out in this. This isnt 15 years ago and this Lucky and Liz just don’t fit together anymore.

  • Jen

    As others have said already, Elizabeth did not cheat with Zander. They were together twice, and she was single both times and not remotely in a relationship with Lucky either time.

    Lucky, in fact, cheated on Elizabeth more than once: with Maxie, and with Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah.

    As a longtime Elizabeth fan, I don’t want to see her with either Nikolas or Lucky. Both men are extremely emotionally manipulative toward her and I don’t care for this “triangle”.

  • Cathy Buchanan

    I think you people should really do your research before you start making comments about Elizabeth and Lucky’s past. Seems like you have forgotten everything that happened when Greg Vaugh played the part … just because Jonathon Jackson has resumed that role doesn’t erase 7-8 years of ill treatment of Elizabeth by Lucky and every other man in her life.

    Let’s start out with Lucky returning from the dead and pushing Elizabeth to be with Nikolas (note the irony here)…. yeah he was brainwashed at the time but he was totally clear of mind when he slept with Elizabeth’s sister Sarah (again … major irony if he’s going to get all high and mighty with Elizabeth about Nikolas. He also manipulated her using his help in getting her through her rape and their “permanent lock” (made when they were what 16?) to keep her away from Jason when she clearly had developed feelings for him. He was threatening and manipulating her while attacking Jason with a knife.
    The Zander fling did NOT happen while she was with Lucky. Lucky was with Summer at the time and Zander was part of the Elizabeth/Jason./Zander triangle … so let’s not pretend she cheated on Lucky with Zander. It was also part of the story that led her to Ric …. another man whose love of something else (revenge on Sonny) took priority over his love of Elizabeth … she was drugged, almost died, blinded when Courtney ran her over because Jason was concerned about her marriage to Ric.

    Then Lucky and Elizabeth got back together …. they had financial problems (cops and nurses don’t get paid all that well in the US). Elizabeth offered to be a surrogate mother for Jax and Courtney (again irony as Courtney went from her friend encouraging her to go after Jason to the one who started sleeping with him within weeks of the Jason / Elizabeth breakup). Lucky’s stupid pride did not allow him to fully support Elizabeth in her surrogacy. In his own stupidity he was jealous of Jax eventhough Elizabeth was in love with him and had no feelings for Jax. When it turned out that the baby was Elizabeth and Jax’s biologically because Elizabeth’s egg was fertilized instead of Courtney’s Lucky really started flipping out. He was even relieved when Elizabeth lost the baby. All the while Elizabeth was torn and trying to work something out about visitiation with Jax – while Jax was trying to pay her off and Nikolas was offering money to help Elizabeth sue for joint custody.

    When the surrogacy storyline ended, Elizabeth was pullling double shifts and Lucky was hurt on the job. He then got addicted to pain medication and even when his doctors’ cleared him of the need for medication he kept using and started trading sex for pills with Maxie. Elizabeth caught them together several times …. and the last time she did was after Lucky claimed to be clean and wanting to work on their relationship. Elizabeth was devastated to literally walk in on them undressing by the bed and went to Jason’s to talk. At the same time Jason had just witnessed Sam sexing up her step-father and made sure that Alexis who was suffering from cancer did not see what he saw.
    Elizabeth and Jason revisited their past and Elizabeth admitted that all those years ago she had fallen in love with him. The two had a one night stand that produced Jake. Elizabeth was going to leave Lucky but found him desperate and needing her more than ever. She stood by him and helped him with his addiction eventhough her love for Jason had resurfaced. When she found out she was pregnant – Carly assumed that the baby was Lucky’s as Elizabeth was still working as a nurse. Elizabeth went to Jason’s to tell him the truth but he immediately said that he knew the baby was Lucky’s and it was better that way … he was going to try to work it out with Sam.

    Elizabeth didn’t want him to feel obligated or jeopardize Lucky’s recovery so the secret began and after the hostage crisis Jason agreed with Elizabeth that Lucky should think the child was his because of the danger his lifestyle could bring to her and her child.
    Elizabeth loved Jason and couldn’t sleep with Lucky while she loved someone else … it was obvious she was uncomfortable with sleeping with Lucky but dedicated to helping him. Within months, Lucky was having an affair with Sam …. who knew the baby was Jason’s and wanted revenge on Jason and Elizabeth by taking Lucky away from her.

    Lucky and Elizabeth agreed to divorce …. and she did not sleep with Jason again until after she and Lucky split.

    I’m not saying Elizabeth is an angel ,….. but she has been hurt by everyone who was supposed to love her ….abandoned by her parents who didn’t even come home after her rape, lost Lucky in a fire, got close to Jason and saved him just for him to leave because of the danger. Lucky came back brainwashed and did all the things listed above. She has been made to feel that she wasn’t enough for anyone (Lucky, Jason, Ric and her own family).
    She shows her struggle … she just wants something safe and stable for her kids although Nikolas has ignighted something in her that scares her. She does love Lucky …. but she loves the boy he was not the man he became. Yes, he is a great father to the boys, but she loves him like a best friend – not a lover. She is trying to deny her real feelings for Nik so that she can be safe with Lucky (irony …. he has never been emotionally or physically safe for her since he returned from the dead). His multiple affairs are all but forgotten and he has become St. Lucky – all so that the writers can tar and feather Elizabeth to make the numerous disgusting acts by Sam be whitewashed away.

    Elizabeth might be sleeping with both brothers (although I don’t think she slept with Lucky except the one time) – but Lucky has slept with both Webber sisters, Maxie and Sam while together with Elizabeth.

    So tell me …..why is everyone mad at Elizabeth???

  • Cathy Buchanan

    Here’s another history lesson … Carly slept with brothers (A.J and Jason ) and had Jason claim paternity of the baby and kept A.J in the dark until Robin (Jason’s girlfriend at the time told A.J). Jason was so “betrayed” he didn’t forgive her for YEARS. Now that Sam has done everything from sleeping with his arch enemy for revenge against Jason (Ric – also her step-daddy and Mommy Alexis had cancer) to watching Jake get kidnapped by an unbalanced woman, to having Elizabeth and Jake and Cam threatened in the park with guns to having an affair with Lucky (while he was still married to Elizabeth) to stick it to Elizabeth …. but Jason has forgiven her …. yep … she wouldn’t be allowed to look at Micheal sideways without him shooting her … but his biological child and the woman he was in love with ….. that’s okay.

    Courtney also slept with A.J and Jason ….. she stayed with A.J and worked to get her claws into Jason. Again – another woman sleeping with brothers.

    How about Felicia with Friscoe and Mac?? I could go on … but I think you get the point. None of these “ladies” took the beating that I’m sure Elizabeth will. Oh well, Elizabeth will have a breakdown (surprised she hasn’t in the past 13 years) but if Nik stands by her and she finally sees that she isn’t indebted to Lucky forever …. it will be worth it.

    I also just love how Carly and Lucky have never been close or spoken more than 50 words to each other … but now all of a sudden Lucky is letting Mikey off the hook for drunk driving and helping Jason so Carly is SO grateful to her dear cousin Lucky. If that doesn’t scream as a set up for Carly to start the beatdown on Elizabeth …. nothing does.

    Guess what GH …. the real fans remember the history you keep trying to sweep under the carpet.

  • Darcy

    I like the Elizabeth and Jason love story.

    Right now, I don’t really care who she is with but I’m just sorry to see her in another poorly written triangle being written “against” so soon after the last one. GH does not write “compelling” triangles.

    I adore JJ’s Lucky and a huge Cassadine fan so I’m not happy that GH chooses to hack this iconic friendship with such a shoddy storyline (with terrible dialog). This is the four muskateers one has been Killed Off and now this…

    I’m still waiting for women “driven” stories on this show in this genre “for women” something tells me this will be more about Nik and Lucky.

  • Rachelle

    I have to disagree, you must have forgotten the history behind these characters. Liz has never cheated on Lucky with Zander, they were not even together at the time. She didn’t sleep with Jason until she was provoked. The only reason she cheated on Lucky with Jason is because he was pimping himself to Maxie for drugs, just because JJ is back doesn’t excuse all the rotten things this man has done to Liz. I am not saying she isn’t wrong for what she is doing, she should be honest with Lucky. Nik wants to honest but because he loves Liz he is allowing her to make the final decision. In the end, I hope this forever break up Lucky and Liz, honestly they have been done to death. How many times can they hurt one another before it’s time to give up. I for one hopes they allow Liz and Nik to have a chance. They have more of a even balanced relationship, unlike the one that Liz has with Lucky, where she feels she has to babysit him all the time. No pun intended….

  • Stacy

    Didn’t Lucky cheat on Liz with her sister, Sarah?

    I don’t think Liz cheated on Lucky with Zander because they were already broken up by then.

  • ok so i completely think that Lucky should know the truth already, I mean it’s about time. But I don’t want her to be with either Nic or Lucky…neither one of them are right to her. I mean a lot of her relationship w/ Lucky ends up in lies and Nic was just someone she was sexually attracted to. I think that Lucky deserves to here the truth from Liz about her affair with Nic.

    I still think that the true paternity about Jake should be revealed and Liz and Jason should be together.

  • Steph

    I do not see why Liz get all the flack. Lucky is just as guilty if not more for past wrongs. No she should not be sleeping with his brother while they are together. She has outgrown him and needs to grow a pair and tell him. Not force herself to try and love him and deny her feelings for Nik. I am so ready to see Elizabeth in a happy loving stable relationship. Not sure if the writers plan on doing that with Nik or not but the woman deserves a break.

  • mesia

    i only have one thing to say to everyone who feels luckys history is being forgetten… everytime something gose wrong in liz/luckys relationship every wrong thing lucky did is brought up, while what liz did is excused. i dont care two wrongs dont make a right and sleeping with someone other then your husband isnt the only way to cheat! lucky may have slept with both maxie & sam, but liz left thier marriage along time b4 that emotional which to some poeple is worst them actually sleeping around.

  • Katie

    The writers sure do not have imagination enough to write something different for Elizabeth besides lying about cheating. The so called “triangle” could have been alot better if it had been written better. The 3 actors involved all have chemistry. If they had just written Elizabeth and Nikolas taking up with each other after Emily’s death, that would have been more rootable than starting out with a drunken kiss because Lucky wanted to date Rebecca. I thought all that was so OOC for all characters involved. GH is just one badly & sleazily written soap with no motivation given to characters.

  • Leah

    I have come to the point where I don’t care how this story ends up its been dragged on so long. It started with Greg V’s Lucky and I am ready to see Jonathan’s Jackson’s Lucky in a better storyline. Elizabeth can be with Nikolas because neither one clearly know the difference between love and lust and bring on a new love interest for Lucky. LL2 is clearly over so make room for couples who actually stand a chance like Dante and Lulu

  • Lauren

    Good gracious, what did JJ do to any of you?! LOL I say that ’cause the impression that I get from reading all these posts is that since his return, they are trying to white-wash and write Lucky into a saint. Well, if it’s good for the goose, why shouldn’t it be good for the gander? It happens with pretty much every character on the show. They’ve acknowledged a lot of the things that Lucky has done during Jonathan’s return but they aren’t putting enough emphasis on it for some, I see. Don’t worry, usually these things come back to be thrown into the characters faces sooner or later. After the reveal, I’m sure they’ll have him turn to his addictions and then he’ll be that pitiful loser that you love him to be. Honestly, that was the appeal for a lot of Liason fans, ’cause Lucky was the loser and Jason was the better man. The HIT MAN was the better man because he acted as if he had more of a soul. I was one of the fans; I should know. While we’re talking about history, there’s Nikolas….let’s not forget his own. He wasn’t patient enough for his own great love to recover after being raped by a man with his face, so he turned to Courtney. He barely has anything to do with his son and here’s Elizabeth, who would do anything for her kids such as breaking and climbing into a window, cutting her leg and running into her own house while it’s on fire to save her son. He was willing to let a tumor take over his brain and body so he would be able to see the aforementioned “great love”, Emily; what about his young son, Spencer, who needed SOMEONE ’cause he had lost Emily too and he never had his biological mother. I guess Alfred should do. He pushed Nadine to the side for Rebecca ’cause she had Emily’s face. Let’s be honest, if we wanted to talk about the pasts of these characters and who should be accountable for what, it would take hours.

    Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher have chemistry as do Rebecca and Jonathan Jackson. I think that this storyline was doomed before it even began because it seems like GH cannot write a compelling triangle to save their lives. Someone is always getting turned into a complete villian, why is anyone surprised? So now it’s Elizabeth’s turn. The last time, it was Lucky’s. Before that, it was Nikolas’s. Everyone gets a turn on this wheel!

    Here’s what I wanna see: Elizabeth and Nikolas outed, choosing not to care what anyone thinks and actually make a go of it. Then what happens? How will they start their own blended family? Will Nik start paying attention to Spencer again? Or will he be too embroiled in his latest love or the Spencer/Cassidine war. How about Elizabeth? No, I don’t see it happening. I just don’t see it. They are not and never will be Audrey and Steve. Lucky and Elizabeth have been done to death. I’d love to have seen them revisited happily because Jonathan’s back and we only got a couple of years with them, the BEST years of that couple together, but it’s time to put it up for awhile. Jason and Elizabeth should be donzo too. All of them should be, for now. Relationships that have gained fan bases will be explored again, it’s a given in soaps.

  • Tammy

    I personally LOVE Elizabeth and Nikolas together!!!
    I will always want her and Jason, but since that isnt going to happen anytime soon… then PLEASE give me Nik & Liz!!
    Becky and Tyler have smokin hot chemistry together!!
    Plus LL2 is so dead and over with!!! Please tell me how many times we must be force fed this same S/L!!!
    They need atleast a 10 year break b4 even attempting another round of these two.
    I dont feel sorry for Lucky at all!! I so sick of how the history is always twisted when it comes to these two. Lucky is no angel!
    There is no more romantic chemistry for these 2 characters. She treats Lucky more like her child she needs to constantly protect and sacrifice for, rather than an equal partner and a man she loves.
    I so sick of Elizabeth be written as weak!! Im so sick of seeing her unhappy!!
    It is time for my girl to have some happiness and some adventure…
    Both of these she can get with Nikolas, if the IIC would just write it!!

  • bussey

    I think whoever wrote this article is lacking knowledge in GH history as I’m sure others have mentioned, so I won’t. Needless to say, Lucky isn’t a paragon of truth and virtue and the hacks need to stop acting like he is. I don’t care that JJ has resumed the role, I will never root for LL2 again and I won’t ever forget how repulsed Liz was by Lucky before JJ resumed the role…JJ’s face or not Lucky is a putz and this unhealthy attachment she has to him and their childlike history is laughable. To still try to imply that this binds them now is ridiculous to say the very least…It’s unimaginable and quite honestly disgusting…The writing for this show SUCKS and no amount of JJ pimping is going to change that…I like where Nik and Liz are as crazy as it seems, they make sense to me albeit it would’ve made more sense to go there with them following Emily’s death but this is GH so it’s not supposed to make sense. Besides they were pushing the story that was never to go anywhere anyway (Liason) at the time. I adore that fact that Nik doesn’t give a fig how much this hurts Lucky and for once someone isn’t coddling him. Sure I’d love for Liz to fess up and tell the truth but we all know that’s not in her DNA makeup to be truthful about things of this kind. She’d die first before she hurt poor pitiful Lucky, which makes them all the more unlikely to root for in my eyes. Nik represents an adult man in her life who knows what he wants and won’t apologize for it, unlike Jason and Lucky. If I were her, I’d jump in with both feet with Nik and run as far away from Lucky as I could get.

  • Darcy

    Lucky strayed with her sister Sarah they weren’t married but he certainly was when said he’d try to work things out and wound up in Sam’s hot-tub….these tidbits seem to be left out when the sympathy cards are being collected for Lucky to make Elizabeth even worst than they have written her…It behooves me why even the bloggers assessment is as lopsided as this story.

    Please let at least get the facts straight I get enough of the propping and posturing on the show…where the pimphand is strong and steadly stroking Lucky.

  • clark

    because elisabeth is a hoe so all of u that find excuse for elisabeth, you are all a bunch of tramp. elisabeth always think she better then carly or sam but trust me when carly will find out what elisabeth has done. her pure angel face will dissapear and her real face will appear. the face of a bitch that need to shut up
    let all the spencer luke, lulu and carly go after sainto elisabeth and make her payé. i hope lucky will get his revenge and destroy her

  • gerri

    I do believe that Elizabeth once said that she was no angel. If anyone ever claimed it, it was the people who gave her that name.

    It disgusts me even more how the ones who call her slut and tramp are the same ones that are ones themselves. Here’s a reality tidbit for you…Pot…Kettle…Black. Ring a bell?