The TV Addict’s Guide To Surviving… SUPERNATURAL’s Hiatus

Christine Temetri is the kinda gal the Winchester brothers would definitely do battle over. She’s sexy, funny and, perhaps best of all, she knows a whole lot about angels, demons and that whole nasty Apocalypse thing they’re currently trying to stave off. So while we may have to wait until Thursday, January 21, for SUPERNATURAL’s return to the CW, fans jonesin’ for a mix of witty banter and End Times action can head over to Amazon and check out Robert Kroese’s hysterically funny novel, Mercury Falls.

In a nutshell, the story follows our intrepid heroine/reporter, Christine, as she goes from yawning her way through yet another story about a religious group’s belief that the end is near to being thrust into the middle of the honest-to-you-know-who Apocalypse. Next think you know, she’s dealing with a quip-happy, ping-pong playing angel named Mercury who may or may not be trying to avert the end of the world as she knows it. Did we mention that she has to prevent the anti-Christ – better known as Karl, a film-school drop-out and part-time pizza delivery guy – from literally biting the bullet in order to play into the hands of those in charge of the spam? (No, not the meat product or the kind clogging up your E-mail, but rather the Schedule of Plagues, Announcements and Miracles.)

Along the way, the reader will encounter fashion tips (“No one wears a jumpsuit unless they’ve been instructed to by someone wearing a tie.”) and life lessons (“There’s something to be said for covering spectacular failures… covering an endless series of Mild Disappointments, on the other hand, [is] just demoralizing.”), not to mention enough plot twists to fill a season of SUPERNATURAL episodes and an explanation as to why one should never put carpeting in their breakfast nook.

And whatever you do, don’t stand on the linoleum. Trust us.

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  • Nick

    Or we could just catch up on the NBC Thursday comedies.

  • ct

    Well yes, Nick, we COULD watch reruns. Or we could (gasp!) read a book! Do people still do that? Do they even still make books that don’t have to be read on a kindle or its equivalent?

    Do you prefer “electronic” books or traditional bound ones? Discuss.

  • Ace

    Traditional! I like the idea of a Kindle/Nook, but I will always prefer holding an actual book in my hands. I could see getting an electronic reader if you travel a lot and don’t want to bring a bunch of books w/ you.

  • For the record CT, I’m 100% on the ebook bandwagon. Why spend 30 dollars on a book that takes up space in my not-so-giant house and kills tree when I can download the book on my Kindle iPhone app at the click of a buton and for a fraction of the cost.

  • danny

    Kindle (same reasons as theTVaddict) wich brings me to the point, any other good books you reccomend?

  • danny,

    The last book I finished was the Unauthorized Biography of THE SIMPSONS which I found thoroughly entertaining. Only problem, it isn’t available on The Kindle:

  • ct

    I don’t have a kindle, so I don’t know the availability, but here are some books I’ve REALLY enjoyed of late:

    I’m in book five of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, which is one of the best things I’ve ever read (despite it being a historical romance novel involving time travel). I had NO interest in the book (especially with each being about 1,000 pages) and now I’m glad there are still three more in the series. Stunning writing.

    Recently read the WILDLY disturbing Jack Ketchum book THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, which is semi-based on a true story and was turned into not one but two moves in the past year or so.

    Non-fiction wise, there’s a fantastic book called EARLY BIRD, the name of the author escapes me, but he’s a former writer for Letterman. It’s about his spending six months or so living in a retirement center in Florida (despite being 30 or so at the time). Very, very funny, great look at our perceptions of the elderly, what’s true, what’s not… sad, funny, touching. Highly recommended.

  • danny

    thanks for the recommendations! the outlander series sounds fantastic!