Apparently, the entertainment world didn’t have the good manners to put breaking news on hold while the TV Addict was ‘busy’ hangin’ with the cast of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. NBC blinked, Fox News was accused of treason, a game show scandal was exposed and a HEROES star either let slip a major spoiler… or proved himself a tad unfamiliar with the industry in which he labors. Enter CouchTater to take a quick look at what’s been going on, shall we?

Now that NBC’s decided to admit that the whole Jay-five-nights-a-week thing was a God awful idea, we have to take the other major networks to task for not making a serious attempt at grabbing the 10 p.m. timeslot when they had the chance. Sure, in polite society you’re not supposed to kick someone when they’re down, but we’re talking about the cutthroat world of television here. Shame on ABC for letting losers like THE FORGOTTEN and 20/20 linger in the spot (not to mention endless reruns) when they could have made a bold move, complete with ad campaign, to make 10 p.m. their version of Must-See TV. Ah, as always, if only we ruled the airwaves…

Our friends over at have apparently decided that those wacky folks at the FOX News Channel — who get a near-nightly lampooning by THE DAILY SHOW — might actually be guilty of a crime they’ve recently taken to accusing the president of: treason! Tough talk… if lightened a bit by their taking a “he who smelt it, dealt it” approach to Fox’s blasting the Obama administration’s actions as “bordering on treasonous.”

Over at the other side of Fox broadcasting, they apparently had to scrap several episodes of the upcoming game show OUR LITTLE GENIUS because… someone behind the scenes wasn’t smart enough to realize that feeding the kids answers to the questions wasn’t a good idea. Might we humbly suggest everyone involved with the production get together for a viewing party of the fantastic movie Quiz Show in which… um, lots of people got in trouble for doing the same thing.

According to HEROES star Greg Grunberg says the show obviously is coming back next season because this cycle ends on a cliffhanger. Now that’s either very good news for the five people still watching the show… or very bad news for those same people. Because if the show doesn’t get picked up, that means the audience will be left with a whole lot of pesky unresolved storylines. Only time wil tell if Grunberg is right… or allowing optimism to blind him to the fact that shows routinely get cancelled after season-ending cliffhangers. (Just ask fans of BENSON who never found out who won the gubernatorial race, or TWIN PEAKS lovers who were left with the disturbing image of a possessed Agent Cooper bashing his head into a mirror!)

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  • TVFan

    I detest when politics seeps into my favorite TV blog. If I wanted FOX news bashing, which of course I’m all for, I’d head on over to the multitude of political blogs that do that on a daily basis

  • CT


    Isn’t it sort of the point of a TV-based blog to cover all aspects of television? Comedy, drama, soaps, news… there are a lot of people who don’t watch, say, Desperate Housewives… but that doesn’t mean the site shouldn’t/doesn’t cover it. It’s sort of like there being 500 channels on the television… you don’t have to like all of them, and can skip past the ones you don’t want to watch while channel surfing, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken off the air so that others can’t enjoy what they offer!

  • patmyers

    This has absolutely nothing to do with TV. It does, however, have to do with Little Geniuses. Three little geniuses are performing at the Curtis Theater on 5/21 & 5/22 in Brea, Ca. at 8:00 pm. They are the LeVan children, Sean 9, Solene 13? and Sarah 15?. Two of the 3 performed at Carnegie Hall on 4/18. These kids are incredible on the piano, violin and vocals. Their dad and uncle are also playing. You can go to YouTube and type in Solene or Sarah LeVan and see for yourself. The performance needs some press! These kids are national treasures and need to be shared with the public. I am not a relative nor a promoter…just a fan that was deeply moved by the talent and dedication of these children.
    Hope this finds its way to someone who can share the info.

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