We Elect Matt Santos (THE WEST WING: TNG) to Fill the Void Left By Jay Leno!


As word continues to leak out of the sinking ship that is the Titanic NBC with regards to yesterday’s shocking (albeit somewhat inevitable) news surrounding the failed experiment that is THE JAY LENO SHOW, questions and analysis continue to flood the internet with regards to what the Peacock Network should do with Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly assuming Leno does in fact return to his 11:35PM timeslot following the Olympics in March.

That said, for this TV Addict — whose late night schedule is already reserved for the dynamic Comedy Central duo that are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert — the far more pressing question is just how on earth NBC plans on replacing the five hours left vacant by Jay Leno returning from whence he came?

Needless to say, we’ve got a few ideas (cough*PARENTHOOD Thursday nights*cough*cough) But, before NBC announces their hastily thought out plan to fill the void with an even bigger BIGGEST LOSER or LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL CRIMINAL TRIAL BY JURY, this TV Addict thought we best be putting our two cents down on paper, and fast. After-all, if the Peacock Network has taught us anything this past season (Well, aside that is from how to not run a network), it’s that clearly, very little thought goes into running this multi-billion dollar business

Which brings us to our pitch.

Question: What does NBC love even more than cheap programming? Answer: A series with an already built-in fan base and obvious name recognition (See: Re-imaginations of BIONIC WOMAN, KNIGHT RIDER and the upcoming PARENTHOOD). Which is why our candidate for a 10PM slot this spring would go to none other than President Matt Santos and a re-boot of THE WEST WING.

Think about it. Thanks to the highly underrated seventh season, not only does the John Wells series have a proven concept ready to go, but with the exception of Bradley Whitford who is already committed to the upcoming new FOX series JACK AND DAN a cast that is waiting in the wings. Plus, if there was ever a time when the country could use a little Aaron Sorkin magic to get us believing in the political system again (See: the never-ending health care debate, the economy and the fact that it took me a solid three hours to get through airport security yesterday because the office of Homeland security can’t seem to stop a terrorist even after his own father personally went out of his way to alert the US government) it’s now. Santos ’10… who’s with me?

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  • ggny

    No thanks..The West Wing wouldnt be the same without Bradley Whitford…if Whitford was on board sure

  • I vote YAY! I just spent my holiday watching the entire series (xmas president to myself) and was so sad when I was done!!!

  • John

    Here’s an even better idea for a TWW spin-oiff: The First Lady. Add in Smits in a supporting role, but make a show entirely about Teri Polo and Janel Moloney. If the success of The Good Wife teaches us anything, it’s that audiences love the female counterparts to politicians.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Agreed. I fell back in love with TWW during the Santos story arc.

  • Laura

    YES, YES,YES!!! Except they’d have to find a way to get Brad back…can’t have The West Wing without Josh!

  • Alix

    Not a chance! Let’s bring Aaron Sorkin back to television instead of a show that, if it continued, would continue with hardly any of his charm.

  • Andy

    I’m in! How could they not see the Leno trainwreck coming? WW was getting better and better in seasons 6 and 7. Get Teri Polo, figure out a way to keep Janel Maloney, NiCole Robinson, Kristen Chenowith and Mary McCormack. Bring back Emily Proctor and go at the whole thing from the women’s angle. Add Sorkin’s political banter and sharp wit – you’ll have something better than “Jaywalking” any night.

  • Jaymes M

    Seriously…I can’t even be hopeful about something like that because I know NBC is going to screw it up. I’ll just be disappointed, and I SOOOO want to see a well done West Wing reboot.

    Sad that NBC is probably going to burn off that time slot anyway – I mean, they really can’t lose by putting anything in at 10 that’s only semi-watchable.

  • jamie

    in my wildest fantasies.

    also? a re imagining of the original series but with just the secretaries and assistants. they could make it a sicom. Donna and Margret (Leo’s assistant) are two of the funniest characters on a drama.

  • jamie

    also I love Johns idea.

  • TVFan

    LOVE this idea, but would also be very pleased John’s idea. Really anything that gets Janel Maloney back on a regular gig as supposed to the disappointing guest spots on every show under the sun.

  • Carlie

    Oh I’d LOVE more Sorkin on tv…..with tons of WW people…

    -I must say one of my fave fave things about all these ideas….is that everyone wants Janel Moloney back!!!!!!

  • Mary

    I’ll take ANY SCRIPT written by Aaron Sorkin! I miss his smart writing!