4:10PM: The inspiration for LIFE UNEXPECTED came from showrunner (and real-life adoptee) Liz Tigelaar’s childhood belief that her actual birth mother was Nancy Reagan.

4:15PM: Attention teenagers who aren’t happy at home, Tigelaar doesn’t want a baby at 30, but she would love if a teenager showed up on her doorstep. Related note: How cool would it be to be adopted by a TV showrunner? I wonder how Tigelaar feels about adopting thirty-something TV Addicts?

4:18PM: Ryan’s role (Kerr Smith) will continue to grow throughout the season thanks in part to Tigerlaar’s belief that Kerr Smith is the epitome of a man. Suck it Dawson Leery.

4:20PM: File this under stuff that won’t mean anything to you until you see the fantastic first three episodes of the show, but Tigelaar reveals that they’ve just cast seven-year old versions of Lux and her friend Tasha for a flashback (or two!)

4:23PM: Liz Tigelaar talks really fast.

4:24PM: Over the course of filming the show, Liz Tigelaar found her birth parents. The first thing her mom said was, “I’m not a radio DJ!” Again, something that will make a lot more sense after you watch the pilot (premiering January 18th) and learn that Lux’s bio-mom Kate played by Shiri Appleby is a radio DJ.

4:34PM: It’s a family affair teases Tigelaar who promises that we’ll definitely be meeting Kate’s Dad, Ryan’s parents and Tasha’s mom to discover how these people ended up as crazy as they are.

4:37PM: Tips for aspiring writers from Tigelaar whose first job was as a writer’s assistant to Winnie Holzman (MY SO-CALLED LIFE, WICKED): To really write something that hopefully will affect and move people you really have to infuse a big part of your own voice into it. In other-words, stay tuned for my diary of a couch potato, coming to bookstores near you Fall 201….. wheneverIgetoffmycouchandstopwatchingTV!

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  • Jonah

    Minor mistake: It premieres the 18th not the 17th. Thanks for the great recap! I cannot wait for this….but even more so for the return of OTH!

  • ElenaM

    Ok, so the premise of this show seems mildly engaging, but one thing is driving me nuts: Since when do healthy attractive white babies NOT get adopted??? What weird alternate reality is this? And when will I stop expecting verisimilitude on television, on the CW no less? (I’ll make an exception for the rockin’ 4th season of Supernatural though… it’s total fantasy and still had me believing in its world… )

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