4:43PM: Executive Producer Julie Plec starts off the panel by clarifying that the episode description posted on the internet movie database for the upcoming eleventh episode is completely and utterly fake. Unlike the books, Elena won’t be turning into a vampire, well at least until season 43!

4:44PM: Kevin Williamson promises that a big part of the back nine will be Damon’s quest to resurrect Katherine, or as Williamson puts it, “The tomb is still very much in play.”

4:46PM: Ian Somerhalder defends Damon’s actions claiming that, “he’s doing it all for love and is completely justified.”

4:46PM: Full time teacher, part-time Vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman will be playing a far more significant role when VAMPIRE DIARIES returns. Not only will we see what brought him back to Mystic Falls, we’ll meet his wife (played by Mia Kirshner) who may not exactly be as deceased as fans have been lead to believe.

4:48PM: Kevin Williamson promises that Vicki is dead, gone, and not coming back. However her death will continue to reverberate throughout the season, particularly when Jeremy begins to piece together the truth about her untimely demise.

4:48PM: “It’s not a love triangle with two people,” teases Kevin Williamson when asks when Elena and Damon will get to spend a little time together. Adds Nina, “Now that Elena’s taken off her necklace she is very vulnerable.” And in the upcoming episodes, (specifically the show’s January 21 return), there will be a lot more of Damon and Elena.

4:50PM: Sorry LOST, Somerhalder claims the crew in Atlanta is the best crew he’s ever worked with.

4:53PM: Scream 4 update for those following Kevin Williamson on twitter. He did not finish the script in Vegas.

4:58PM: Spoiler Alert! While Executive Producer Julie Plec promises that Nina Dobrev has kissed Ian Somerhalder as Katherine, who will be getting hot and heavy with Damon in upcoming episodes. Dobrev as Elena has yet to lock lips with Damon.

5:01PM: More scoop! Williamson says that in future episodes fans will see why Damon and Stefan can’t trust each other. Adds Plec, “If the first half of the season was really about Stefan managing Damon, the latter half will see Damon finally having to step up and act like a big brother when something huge happens to Stefan.”

5:04PM: In Bonnie news, she continues to become very important to Damon when it comes time to help get that tomb open. Says Williamson, “Bonnie’s friendship Elena is going to be tested now that she is aware of the Vampires. She has to make a choice, is she down with it or is she going to have a problem with it?”

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  • Josh C.

    ahhhhhhh im so excited for TVD to come back!!!

  • Lala

    Oh, this sounds exciting! I cant wait for it all to unfold on screen.
    The Damon/Elena time will be incredible as I am a huge fan of this pairing, and Damon being a big brother for Stefan? I CANT WAIT !!!! Nice stuff coming up 🙂

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  • OMG

  • Elvira

    I can’t wait for Damon/Elena. <3

  • Julia

    Damon/Elena will be brilliant to watch. Much better than Stefan/Elena!

  • Kara

    Can’t wait to see more Damon/ Elena! Easily the best match in the books/ show. Also looking forward to Damon doing the big brother thing.

  • Regina

    Damon, no other option!! Delena must be endgame, but we have to wait a lot for their romance, unfortunately. As the co-executive producer said: “One of the things that I really like about L.J.Smith’s books is that it took a very long time for Damon and Elena to reach any kind of détente, any kind of true connection with each other. I want to make sure that we take our own sweet time with that, as well, because you have to believe it,” insists Plec.”You have to believe that Elena, at a certain point, sees something worth trusting in Damon. Right now, he’s done absolutely nothing to deserve anything but her hatred, and he’s going to do a lot of things over the course of the season that are going to continue to earn her hatred and disgust. Every now and then, Elena will get the tiniest little glimpse of what we will call ‘the softer side of Damon’, but there’s not going to be any true love blooming anytime soon,” asserts Plec.”That’s the fun of it. It’s waiting and waiting and dissecting every little time he does something nice for her and how it makes her feel – that anticipation, that buildup.

  • Ace

    I’m still really impressed by how good this show has been. Hopefully I’ll be able to say the same for the back half! Thanks for the great TCA coverage :-).

  • Lala

    @ Regina: Actually I LOVE that interview with Julie Plec.
    It might be a long wait for the Damon/Elena fans, but it will make their relationship better, stronger and more special when it is not rushed through like Stefan/Elena are. We got Stefan/Elena in love from episode 1, and that’s just bad.

    So I will just sit back and enjoy the slow, but beautiful development between Damon and Elena. I hope you can relax and do the same, because you will enjoy it all and when the time comes and Damon/Elena finally happen on screen, it will be amazing 🙂

  • Sunny

    Ooh, I can’t wait for more Damon, and especially Damon/Elena. I love that they said it’s not a triangle with two people. I really hope DE have a good build-up because I think this couple has SO much potential to explore. It could be a great love story. DE forever. <3

  • misty

    cant wait for this this is very good and i love damon and elena action (they have good chemistry so have elena with stefan) they all are good together

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  • Dawn

    First of all I want to say that I am a Huge fan of this show and cannot compliment all those involved with it enough, especially with the casting of Ian Somerhalder as Damon. For those that have read all the books, he just makes the most perfect Damon, truly bringing him to life. As an ardent Damon and Elena fan I cannot wait for the first kiss between them, and even though it’s torture to wait, I think the writers etc. are correct to get that build up in their relationship. I have imagined a zillion times how that might come about but the screenwriters are brilliant and I am sure they will make it worth the wait – they’d better after all this time. Damon and Elena have been making out with their eyes ever since day one and the chemistry these two actors have together is thru the roof, (again kudos to the casting people.) Only one thing irritated me a little was how much Damon obsessed about Katherine, almost to the point of whining. In the books Katherine wasn’t that much of an issue for him at all. Anyway, now that she is not in the tomb, and hopefully out of the picture, the show will fous on the build up of the Damon and Elena relationship. I am eagerly waiting for that first kiss scene.

  • ddmc2

    if Elena does not want Damon (Ian Somerhalder) I'll have him..he's lovely… I love his character and him as a person…. beautiful guy…Dawn Mc, England