Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About PARENTHOOD


Ron Howard was apprehensive about another PARENTHOOD television show.
Parenthood (The movie) was a project I cherish and is probably the most personal film I’ve ever been involved with,” explained executive producer Ron Howard when asked why he was initially hesitant to take a PARENTHOOD pitch from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS showrunner Jason Katims. “[But] as a creative person, it’s unbelievable gratifying to see an idea that we were all so proud of twenty years ago quite frankly evolve into something so entertaining, so impactful and so beautifully executed.”

Lauren Graham is as surprised as anyone to be starring in another network TV show.
“I wasn’t expecting to be doing a show right now,” exclaimed the former GILMORE GIRL. “I’ve read so many scripts over the past two and half, three years and it [PARENTHOOD] was so moving, so beautiful and I was so impressed by the pedigree of the people involved, after talking to Jason [Katims] I thought it could be a really collaborative, really positive experience and it has exceeded all of my expectations. It’s just the most fun day at work.”

It’s an expensive show.
With a sprawling ensemble of actors who let’s face it, are all more than capable of headlining their own show (see: Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Craig T. Nelson to name a few) PARENTHOOD isn’t cheap. “So please watch,” chuckled Katims. “It’s not an inexpensive show and we are working very hard with everybody at the network and Imagine [the show’s production company] to figure out a way to make a great show that is feasible economically.” Oh and if you’re wondering how Katims is handling servicing each of these big star. Katims promises that everything he learned about ensemble hour-long dramas he learned from a little gem called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS “It’s a big story and you kind of need everybody, parents, children at different stages of their life. It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when you have actors of this calibre, but it’s worth it.”

Sex yes. Dirty and Money not so much.
Not only does star Peter Krause promise that the Braverman family couldn’t be anymore different than the ill-fated Darling family, Krause is fairly confident that his new series won’t be plagued with the same creative issues of his previous show. “[Unlike DIRTY SEXY MONEY] we have an agreement as to what this show should be, on the part of the network, Jason and producers Ron [Howard] and Brian [Grazer].” explained the former Darling, “On that other show there was no agreement, which led to a lot of creative battling behind the scenes.”

Oh, and did we mention it’s funny?
Sure, there is the requisite family drama that you’ll want to ensure you’re watching the pilot with a kleenex box within arms reach. But thanks to the audition of Lauren Graham, who knows a thing or two seven about comedic timing, like real-life parenting, there’s plenty to laugh about. Particularly thanks to the addition of Graham who Katims promises “brings so much incredible humor the role.” Teases Krause, “I was wrestling around with a possum not too long ago.”

  • Christina

    I’m wondering why on the NBC website Joel and Sydney have Braverman as their last name. Mistake or did hubby take the wife’s name?