First Look: Julie Benz Gets DESPERATE!

She’s Alive! On January 31st, actress Julie Benz follows up her untimely DEXTER demise with the first of what Michael Ausiello calls a handful of episodes on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES when Susan befriends a stripper (played by Julie Benz) and takes her under her wing. More first look photos of which — including what we can only hope is Susan’s first life lesson: stay away from bathtubs — can be seen after the jump.

Photo Credits: Ron Tom/ABC

  • mike

    damn julie is hot. Hire her as a regular now!

  • dr cuddy

    wow it’s old vampire in Buffy is slayer yeah !

  • Craig

    I love Julie! Don’t let her get killed on here too!

  • James

    I am so freakin pissed Julie was axed from Dexter. Hope the show crashes
    and burns!! Great to see JB on Desperate Housewives now and as a *stripper* ??
    There *is* a God xD

  • Nate Rokjer

    She will only be appearing in three episodes.

  • Rachel

    Julie, you look gorgeous! Sorry to see you axed on Dexter, it won’t be the same without you.

  • Mina Draculea

    Once again I ask… Does Julie Benz EVER age.

  • DaddyCatALSO

    I’ve always said Julie is the type whose beauty comes thru much better in moving footage, but these stills are as “N’Gawa!” as anything I’ve ever seen.

  • Amanda

    look at this group! Julie is loved for sure!

  • haider

    Sorry to see you axed on Dexter, it won’t be the same without you.

  • Daisy

    The reason they killed her character on Dexter because she was the only character who can’t act. DH has bunch of women who can’t act so she is a perfect fit. By the way she looks old.

  • Jen

    It’s nice to see her on another show because she seems like a lovely lady, but Dexter needed to do something like killing Rita otherwise it would get old and stale real quick. Now the show can go in a different direction. No offense to Julie!

  • Sunshine

    Sunshine!!! You are HOTTER than Georgia asphalt!!!

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  • MarkFBraun

    Hope the jump the DH is a permanent one, Julie! And yeah, avoid bathtubs in any series from now on… 🙂

  • Julie is an extremely lovely woman, and a woman as classy as she is will do well in Hollywood. One day I predict she will be very much in demand by a lot of producers. Hang in their Julie your time will come.

  • Sam Scotland

    Dexter was completely ruined for me after they killed Rita’s character. Dexter (the character) and the show’s writers suck after that move. The audience no longer feels sympathy or allegiance to Dexter as it was his fault that Rita’s innocent head went on the chopping board (or femoral artery was spliced in the bath!) He is just a monster and without the loving relationship with Rita and the kids, the show has lost it’s endearing aspect. He failed as their protector and I hope Showtimes ratings fail now too.

  • JohnJmone

    Property values just went up on Wisteria lane.

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