Good News: It was announced today that Simon Cowell has signed a deal to launch the American version of his hit British series THE X FACTOR. Bad News: With Cowell leaving IDOL so to is our reason for tuning in. Plus, no word on whether Randy is going with him! [Source]

Good News: Aside from ordering a second season of their hit musical comedy GLEE, Kevin Reilly, FOX Entertainment President announced that producers will hold a nationwide casting call to fill three new roles that will be introduced in Fall 2010. Bad News: For Artie, Tina, and Mercedes, all of whom barely get enough screen-time as it is. [Source]

Good News: CHUCK returned on Sunday to its highest ratings since its 3D telecast. Bad News: Boffo ratings that still weren’t enough to beat a repeat of COLD CASE. Ouch! [Source]

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  • Mohammad

    i agree with you about the glee screen time thing. i think that they focus too much on finn and rachel. they also give lea most of the singing. even in the songs they all sing as a group you always hear her voice most.

  • Josh Emerson

    Chuck easily beat Cold Case in the ratings that actually matter: the 18-49s. According to TV By The Numbers, the overall viewership means absolutely nothing.

    I’m glad X Factor is finally coming to the US. Maybe it’ll replace Idol at some point the way it did in the UK.

  • mcsaint

    Chuck’s “Bad News” isn’t that bad – in the almighty demos it did much better than Cold Case – just fewer actual eyeballs.

  • James

    Not to nitpick, but the episode of Cold Case was not a repeat. ‘The Good Soldier’ #711 was a brand new episode.

  • Hm…well, I think new characters always create a new atmosphere for the show, so maybe along with that will come steady storylines. I doubt they can neglect Tina, Mercedes and Artie that much, every character is an icon on the show.

  • grumpyoldman

    Aren’t most of the characters on Glee seniors? They need an all new cast for next year anyway.

  • GrumpyOldMan, I don’t think they’ve stated specifically, but my guess is that most of the characters on Glee are sophomores or juniors. I think a high school show shoots itself in the foot too much making its characters seniors right out of the gate. Freshmen are still too much like kids. So, to still have adult themes and students who drive, the middle grades work best. The kids on Buffy, Gilmore Girls, and Beverly Hills 90210 all started off as sophomores.

    If this show turns out to have a long life, they should start looking forward to a possible passing of the torch in a season or two — another reason bringing in some new characters wouldn’t hurt. I’m hoping that the the current group is from a mix of grade levels so that not all characters would graduate at the same time.

    And, I hope they don’t try to a time compression trick where every season of the show is half a calendar year. I’d rather not see high school seniors that look old enough to be the teachers. 🙂

  • Ace

    Todd — I think that is what they are going to do. I bet the rest of this season will be regionals and then the next season will be nationals. I could be wrong, but I see them going that way. Also, Puck (who I love, so don’t shoot me) already looks as old as Will…

  • Ace

    Ok, so I looked on IMDB, and Mark Salling (Puck) and Corey Monteith (Finn) were both born in 1982, which means that they are plenty old enough to be teachers. 😛 Oh well, good old TV magic. At least they don’t look as old as that guy on 90210.