This Just In: The Least Surprising News in the History of Television

Good News: FOX has officially picked up GLEE for a second season. Bad News: For my wallet and iTunes account. Just sayin’

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  • BJ

    What IS suprising is what took them so long to do so.

    Also kinda weird, the fluctuating votes on the poll over here—-> It’s so fun to watch because a show that was close to the bottom (Greek) is now back at the top. I love it!

  • Ace

    Still good to hear it though :).

  • BJ,
    Agreed, the poll is so fascinating that I don’t want to take it down. Although I will say how surprised I am how poorly CHUCK is doing.

  • J

    I’m really surprised at how Chuck is doing in that poll. Who knew TV addicts had such terrible taste? lol

  • Amy D

    At least The Bachelor is last in the poll, let’s all be thankful people don’t have that bad of taste.

  • What a relief.