Morning Static: 24, BETTER OFF TED, FRINGE & More!

• Because laughter is the best medicine, enjoy Letterman, Conan and Ferguson mocking ‘the situation.’
• ‘Duh’ of the Day! Jack Bauer will survive is eighth really bad day.
• Fair and Balanced really? FOX News just got a little less so.
• Holy Fu#@!! BETTER OFF TED shares some really vulgar outtakes from tonight’s episode. (NSFW!)
• FRINGE not on the fringe of cancellation, at least according to FOX head honcho Kevin Reilly.
• New study says watching TV could shorten your life. FYI: Totally worth it.

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  • Ace

    I really hope that Reilly is right. I love Fringe.

    Poor Better off Ted, such a great show, but it is just on the wrong network. I think it would work much better paired with NBC’s Thursday comedies. Oh well, at least we got two seasons and they seem to be airing all of them.

  • BizarroP

    wow that Better off Ted video was hysterical!