Conan O’Brien Conspiracy Theory Alert! (Re: The Zachary Levi Interview)

While this TV Addict is the first to admit that the sub-zero temperature at which the Networks insist on keeping the hotel ballroom at this week’s Television Critics Association Press tour — combined with the fact that I’m writing this at 5:30AM having spectacularly failed to adjust to the time difference — may be having adverse affects on our brain cells. We have to ask: Did anyone else find it slightly peculiar that Conan O’Brien spent the entirety of last night’s TONIGHT SHOW interview with star Zachary Levi talking about his work in the FOX produced Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel with nary a mention of the premiere of his much-buzzed about NBC series CHUCK?

Seriously. Are we crazy? Is it a sign of things to come? Is it wrong that NBC’s current late night predicament is far more entertaining than a good 60% of the Peacock Network’s current schedule? Discuss.

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  • Nick

    Is my memory faulty, or didn’t Jay Leno “retire” from the Tonight Show? (How he got sucked into the 10pm show, I don’t know. I was one of the few who thought the idea might work…go figure.) But does he WANT to work the late shift again, or what? If so, why did he ever leave it?

  • bws

    You have to agree with Conan. I think Leno announced his retirement in 2003 saying it would be in 2009. That was a LONNNNG SIX YEARS for Conan to wait to get his chance. And then, right away, NBC gave Leno the prime-time slot. Absolutely boneheaded move. I agree that Leno is a lot more mainstream in his style than Conan but Conan was never given a fair shot. And now I’m hearing that Leno might get out of late night for good because of how he’s being villainized by everyone. I think it would be hilarious if BOTH Leno and Conan walked. How does The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sound?

  • John

    Wanted to retire in ’04, started to be “open” to returning to late night, and NBC didn’t want him going to a competitor, plus they wanted to save money on primetime, hence the Leno show was born, doomed to kill local news AND the Tonight Show.

  • Ace

    What happened was Conan started to express interest in being the lead for a latenight gig, instead of the even laternight follow up. So my bet is that around the time that ABC hired Kimmel, they courted Conan and he turned them down as long as his contract expressed that he would get The Tonight Show in 2009. BUT NBC had to have talked this over with Leno first and he decided he would just go ahead and retire so they could make this happen. If he didn’t really want to retire, he should have said so and Conan could have gone to ABC or whereever back in 2004. So many bad decisions were made in this.

    Unfortunately I don’t know that the move to Fox is going to be possible. A lot of local Fox affiliates are associated with the local NBC affiliates to produce their news at 10 PM–including using the same anchors and crew (a lot of them even share buildings, all you do is pan over and there is another desk!). And if they were to do a “late show” at 10:30 or 11 after their news, it would really mess w/ NBC affiliate news that comes on at 11. So a lot of those contracts would be broken and the Fox affiliates probably wouldn’t be able to function… I hope I’m wrong.

  • bws

    Ace, are you in the central time zone (the BEST TIME ZONE, btw) too? Yeah, Fox does their news from 9pm CST – 10pm, then they air TMZ at 10, then reruns of the simpsons and the Office at 1030 and 1100pm CST. I didn’t know about this FOX/NBC relationship in some cities. I don’t think that’s the case here in Houston but I don’t watch a ton of local news either.

  • Anon

    It’s actually “Warner Bros. produced Chuck,” but I still see your point (it does of course air on NBC).

  • Hil

    I was wondering why they didn’t talk Chuck since that is Zachary’s big thing right now is. It was an epic Chuck-block if that was the case. Too bad since I love Chuck and had no interest in video games or FOX’s Chipmunks.

  • Ace

    Haha, no. I’m on the East Coast…which is actually the best 😛 (esp since I live on the coast). The network sharing is actually really common. I live in a pretty big TV market and ours still share. I was a journalism major and one of our professors was an anchor, so we went to see the newscast once. I was really surprised to see the news desks so close together.

    It does suck that Zach didn’t get to talk about Chuck though. Esp since that started this week and the silly chipmunk movie has been out for about a month…

  • alvin

    You know I didn’t even notice that but that is so true! I love Chuck btw, but I also support Conan in this mess. At least the segment was funny with the “tea bagging” and Tom Brokaw looking awkward.

  • LB

    I was definitely hoping to hear Zach mention Chuck more, but I enjoyed his segment anyways. I hope that maybe he endeared himself to some viewers who may look into Chuck on their own.

    Team Conan FTW!

  • RB

    No its not weird. Zach was there to specifically promote alvin in the chipmonks. Im not sure on how exactly the interviews are planned but im sure Fox wanted zach to focus on chipmonks

  • Hil

    The movie came out in December. Chuck came out Sunday. I am pretty sure he was there to promote Chuck. I tuned in tonight and they were once again not mentioning NBC stuff. Good for them.

  • I think it was deliberate not to mention Chuck. That does suck for Levi, though. It’s a great show, and has been a victim of NBC’s idiocy. They came very close to canceling Chuck altogether, so I imagine Levi has a love-hate relationship with the network. He probably doesn’t want to do them any favors, but also his own success hinges on Chuck’s success.

    It was probably not a play at Fox, but could be a stab at NBC. Possibly saying that unless NBC lets Conan and the gang out of their contracts or decides against changing everything, he’ll do little to promote other NBC resources.