Exclusive: Amy Acker on Friday’s DOLLHOUSE Shocker


Friendship with Joss Whedon has its privileges. Just ask actress Amy Acker who is as surprised as anyone to have played such an integral role in what’s shaping up to be a pretty epic final season of DOLLHOUSE.

“The day before they started shooting the pilot, Joss [Whedon] called me up and said ‘We’ve got this part, she was supposed to be this 55 year old woman, but I’m thinking that you should do it’,” revealed Acker at yesterday’s Television Critics Associaiton Press Tour in Pasadena while promoting her upcoming ABC small town thriller HAPPY TOWN. “I didn’t know if I was just going to be in the pilot and of course I had no idea I would end up as a Doll and all this stuff would unfold.”

By ‘all this stuff,’ Acker is of course referring to the jaw-droppoing turn of events that took place during last Friday’s episode that saw Dr. Saunders/Whiskey unapologetically put a bullet through Bennett’s head.

“I think people think I look innocent so they like to have me ending up being a killer,” joked the actress. “You get to do so much more with these types of supernatural or mysterious characters. Like on ANGEL, getting to play a girl in a cave and coming out playing this Blue Demon Goddess, you don’t really get to do that on a CSI or something. With these guys [HAPPY TOWN creators Josh Appelbaum, AndrĂ© Nemec and Scott Rosenberg] and Joss, you get to experience a whole range of emotions, where it feels like you’re doing twenty-five different shows. Funny episodes… scary episodes… you’re not trapped [as an actress]. Like the episode of ANGEL where he was a puppet, that could have been on a sitcom.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about FOX’s cancellation of the struggling sophomore series, which has a mere two episoes remaining after quietly morphing itself into one of television’s most daring and thought-provoking shows.

“I have one more episode, but it’s a very different [episode] than that one [on Friday].” teased Acker who was playing coy when asked about the possibility of a Boyd/Claire connection “There will be a connection, but it’s not Claire. I definitely have something to do with Rossum in the next episode… does that make sense?

Not really. But what fun would DOLLHOUSE be if it did.

DOLLHOUSE airs Friday night at 9PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada)

Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/FOX

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  • Ace

    This show has been so good this season. I still argue that it is almost a good thing it was cancelled when it was. I’m not sure if they would have gone where they have just yet and who knows if we would have ever seen the eventual conclusion since it might have been cancelled at a point where they couldn’t wrap it up. Chop off those first 4-5 episodes, and it has been a really interesting show.

  • CandyMaize

    I think Amy is an amazing actress. Joss has a tendency to really find some great talents!

  • jess

    Amy is Awesome can’t wait to see her in Happy Town! My Jaw literally dropped when Whiskey shot Bennett!!! Pity dollhouse didn’t get good till episode 5..

  • kayvee

    Ace I agree completely. The first few episodes of the season really lost me again but this last batch have been fantastic.

    I think Dollhouse was too messy a concept to sustain over several seasons. The filler episodes just never worked for me, while the mythology type episodes have always been fantastic. Most shows need both to work in the long term I think or they have to become completely serialized like Lost. It doesn’t look like Whedon had enough story to do that so I think it is almost better that the show was cancelled and Whedon can go our in a blaze of glory.