Morning Static: J.J. Abrams, MODERN FAMILY, NBC & More!

• MODERN FAMILY, even their tweets are funny.
• Sorry Evangeline Lilly, Anna Torv, Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell, there’s a new [J.J. Abrams] girl in town.
• Scrubs 2.0 [My mistake], says creator Bill Lawrence who talks about what went wrong.
• There’s something about Perry, ABC greenlights former FRIEND Matthew Perry’s midlife crisis sitcom.
• Jimmy Kimmel comes out… as Jay Leno for the entirety of last night’s show.

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  • Amy D

    I love Matthew Perry 🙂
    I’m excited now.
    Hope it’s good, I have much faith in him though 🙂

  • John

    I suppose there were some initial problems with the new Scrubs at first, but honestly, I’m laughing quite a bit now and enjoy the show a lot. I’m loving the weird dynamic between Drew and Dr. Mahoney, plus, in spite of myself, I think Dave Franco is awesome.