First Look: Matt LeBlanc Returns to Television

After years of audiences thumbing their nose at a multitude of high-profile post-FRIENDS projects including Courteney Cox’s DIRT, Lisa Kudrow’s unfortunately titled THE COMEBACK, Matthew Perry’s brilliant-but-cancelled STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP and LeBlanc’s own JOEY, Hollywood is experience a frienaissance

COUGAR TOWN just received a serious vote of confidence in the form of an early second season renewal, Matthew Perry got his mid-life crisis sitcom MR. SUNSHINE picked up by ABC, and Showtime is very high on their upcoming Matt LeBlanc project EPISODES. So high in fact that they took the liberty of unspooling the following sneak peek for reporters at this week’s Television Critics Association Press Tour. The premise of which has LeBlanc, playing himself, auditioning for the role of ‘Matt LeBlanc’ when an American Network attempts to import (and dumb-down) a hit UK comedy. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

  • Whoa
    Oops, wrong Joey

  • Amy D

    I hope this turns out well for him.
    I honestly loved Studio 60, Dirt, and even Joey was a guilty pleasure for me.
    The Friends stars have not be having a lot of luck. Hopefully all of their new shows end up with better futures then the last ones did.

  • I loved The Comeback. I still wish that one had worked out.

  • Shanna,

    Like Larry David’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, THE COMEBACK is brilliant and funny, albeit at times hard to watch.

  • Wanda

    I just watched “The Comeback” on dvd and it made me miss it even more! Unflinchingly funny! And the dvd has very insightful commentary by Lisa Kudrow and the producer. The best part is the bonus feature of Valerie Cherish on “Dancing With the Stars”. HILARIOUS!!!

  • TVFan

    I will totally be there for Matt LeBlanc when this show premieres.

  • Nick

    Stick it on NBC Tuesdays and I’ll watch. Showtime? Not a chance in Spain that I’d ever ante up that kind of monthly money to the cable company.