NBC Unveils Their Post-Leno Schedule

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a very important announcement. Starting March 1st, NBC’s 10PM weeknight lineup will be 100% Jay Leno free! (Pause for applause) Which means, it’s officially safe to return to the Peacock Network. Particularly when the likes of PARENTHOOD, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, TRAUMA and LAW & ORDER: SVU will be filling the void. See for yourself, with the complete post-Olympics NBC schedule after the jump.

9PM – TRAUMA (Starting March 8 )
10PM – LAW & ORDER (Starting March 1)

10PM – PARENTHOOD (Premieres March 2)

9PM – LAW & ORDER: SVU (Repeats starting March 3)
10PM – LAW & ORDER: SVU (Originals starting March 3)

9:30PM – 30 ROCK
10PM – Jerry Seinfeld’s THE MARRIAGE REF (Premieres March 3, Sneak Preview February 28)

8PM – FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Returns April 30)
9PM – DATELINE NBC (Starts March 5)

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  • Linda B.

    Other than Chuck, The Office, and 30 Rock, looks like a bunch of nothing for me.

  • Reese

    They have a chance to put Friday Night Lights on a regular weeknight and they just don’t? What in the world?

  • Andrew

    Why would they ever put Friday Night Lights on a night other than Friday? They made that mistake when the show first aired, in case you forget – and nobody knew to watch it. Calling the show Friday Night Lights also kind of implies when it’s on.

  • Reese

    Because Friday is the worst time slot for any show, including a show with Friday in the title. I just want NBC to stop treating the show like a red-headed stepchild or an afterthought, but that’s just not going to happen.

  • Hil

    It would have been nice if they used the slot (at least until the end of the season) to show some of its other holdings like SGU or Friday Night Lights or ANYTHING not Law & Order.

  • bws

    Four episodes left of FNL on DirecTV. It’s a good season people, hang in there if you’re not watching currently. Just keep a box of tissues on hand because there is a bunch of sadness.

    So Parenthood will go against V when it comes back. I don’t know exactly how the Tuesday night on Fox works once Glee comes back. I think Glee is supposed to air at 9pm EST (against LOST) but that means that AI only has a 1 hour show? Also AI is the most notorious over-runners in the biz so that could really screw up the 10pm hour.

  • BizarroP

    whatever- i’m just glad I get to see Friday Night Lights again. Its like i’m going to a family reunion that i’m actually excited about. yes pathetic i know

  • Ace

    Not bad. Not shows I watch (I am on season 1 ofFNL) but better than Leno. Now if they would just tell us if they are going to let Conan walk.

  • J

    The end of the Jay Leno Show makes absolutely no difference to my NBC viewing. I’ll be watching Chuck and the 4 NBC Thursday comedies and that’s it. May as well have left Leno until the fall season.

  • bws

    TMZ reporting that Jay Leno was just given the Tonight Show back at 1135 EST. Wow.

    I’m on TEAM COCO!!! Hope to see you on FOX soon!!

  • Ace

    NBC came out and denied it. I really hope it is not true.

  • All I watched before in primetime on NBC was Chuck. I am tempted to watch Parenthood, almost entirely because of Lauren Graham and a little bit because of Craig T. Nelson. And, I may occasionally watch The Office if I happen to be over at a neighbor’s house after FlashForward. Otherwise, NBC still has nothing for me.

  • Dave

    Comedies and Parenthood is about the only thing that stands out to me. Hopefully the JJ Abrams show will not be the only thing NBC has coming that I want to see.

  • TVFan

    So excited for the return of FNL and the premiere of Parenthood. Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose!

  • David

    Why did you leave off Sundays?

    7-8 p.m. Dateline NBC
    8-9 p.m. Minute to Win It
    9-11 p.m. The Celebrity Apprentice

  • j

    ummm. fnl airs on wednesdays when the original episodes air on directv. so there goes your “it should be aired on fridays” theory. no one watched it because nbc failed, and continues to fial, in promoting shows that actualy have substance. and i mean more substance.

    and they might consider it on one of the nights thay are playing L&O repeats, except that for some reason the american public would rather watch that versus most new scrioted shows. crazy!

    wed at 10 might have been a good choice, cause it might actualy be able to edge out ugly betty. def not csi, but with the way the betty numbers look [which is really too bad, because this season is great so far!] it would be fair game. and it would make wednesdays like, the best freakin tv day ever!

  • Nick

    I’ll check out Parenthood for Lauren Graham, since it’s on the one night of the week that, for some odd reason, networks have chosen to give up on and not program anything worth watching. Biggest Loser? Right. Try the viewers…we’re the losers.

  • David.

    Glad you noticed! My reasons for leaving Sunday off NBC were two-fold.

    1) It wasn’t one of the nights affected by Jay Leno exiting the 10PM weeknight timeslot.

    2) I’m against promoting anything that involves Donald Trump!