Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“That question today is like asking if I’d like to vacation in Haiti — I hear it’s nice, but not right now. If you’re privileged enough to be asked to drive the bus you should say thank you. And when you’re done, you say thank you and you should pass the keys to the new guy — with red hair — and not try to flatten the tires,” said Rosie O’Donnell, when asked about whether or not she’d be interested in the much-coveted NBC late night gig during the Television Critics Association Press Tour panel promoting her upcoming new HBO documentary A FAMILY IS A FAMILY.

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  • Ace

    Ha. What a great quote. And so true.

  • Nick

    I love Rosie, and she is right on. If Leno was done with the Tonight Show, he should’ve gone away into retirement and never looked back. He alone, with the apparent blessing of the nitwits at NBC, have created this fiasco and stabbed Conan right in the back. Real nice, Jay, real nice.