Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Personalities We Not-So-Respectfully Ask Never Be Allowed To Grace Our Televisions Again


Rod Blagojevich
Shame on Donald Trump for casting this disgraced politician on the latest cycle of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. Slapping the label “celebrity” on Blago sends a disturbing message to the young people of this country about the non-existent line between “fame” and “infamy.”

Heidi and Spencer Pratt
These self-serving, publicity-hungry, obnoxious brats give reality stars a bad name… and that’s saying something. Wonder if the couple will reimburse the citizens of Los Angeles for the cost of the policemen and helicopters who responded to reports of a kidnapping at their home… which turned out to be a false alarm caused by Heidi dashing into the house with a pillowcase over her head. She was attempting to avoid the paparazzi. Hey, you know the best way to do that? Stay out of the public spotlight for the rest of your, and our, lives.

Pat Robertson
The 700 CLUB televangelist declared that the Haitian disaster was brought upon the nation by a deal natives struck “with the devil” 200 years ago, and that the quake might have been a “blessing in disguse.” As Rachel Maddow so succintly put it, Robertson is “the unintended consequence of the First Amendment.” 

The cast of JERSEY SHORE
Do we really have to even explain why? I thought not.

Kate Gosselin
Reportedly, TLC has booked the blonde to do a new, as-yet-untitled show in which she’ll take on a different job each week. How about she try being a good mom to her kids instead?

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  • Ace

    Could not agree more. And if Heidi and Spencer can take all the kids of the various Hills offshoots with them, that would be awesome.

  • bws

    I’m fine with all of them except the Jersey Shore peeps. Because, damn if that show isn’t the funniest thing on TV right now. 30 Rock? Please. Sure, it’s a bit of laughing “at” instead of laughing “with” but the combination has me busting a gut each week.

    The rest are 0% funny, 100% annoying so yeah, get rid of them.

  • kayvee

    Yeah they’re all annoying but Pat Robertson is skirting evil.