Morning Static: Kimmel, Conan, Gervais & More!

• Kimmel kills… on THE JAY LENO SHOW
• No-brainer move of the week, with CBS handing out early second-season renewals to NCIS: LA and THE GOOD WIFE.
• Greatest News EVER! As rumours swirl that THE OFFICE is plotting a David Brent-Michael Scott showdown.
• NBC execs fire back at Conan, “What this is really all about is an astounding failure by Conan.” Ouch.
• Friday Fun: 20 crazy things that nearly happened on LOST (But Didn’t)

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  • grumpyoldman

    The Good Wife gets better every week. Captivating.

  • Ace

    I’m continually astounded by how any of the NBC executives still have jobs. I hope that something good comes from the Comcast takeover and they clean house.

  • Dave

    NBC is run by idiots, and now they don’t want to take credit for their own demise. Blame Conana for their failure. His Tonight Show run was in its infantsy and its being taken away from him, and they blame him. Real smart NBC make yourself look more dumb.

  • Nick

    I am so insulted and outraged by these comments from NBC so-called “execs,” the same team which ran the network into bankruptcy. They’re all trying to save their own hides at this point and it’s the most sickening display of passing the buck and trashing your own on-air talent that I’ve ever seen. Why would ANY actor or business ever want to work for that network (if we can even CALL it a network anymore)??

    Ben Silverman, Jeff Zucker, and now Dick Ebersol. Talk about three blind mice. How do they find their way to the office each day? Nice going, Comcast, that’s quite an executive “team” you’ve inherited there.

  • Crystal

    Totally agree with Nick on EVERYTHING!