Our 2010 Golden Globe Predictions: TV Drama Division


Will Win: MAD MEN
Thanks to a third season that culminated in one of the most exhilarating corporate takeovers in recent memory, voters would be — you guessed it — mad to ignore the Matthew Weiner masterpiece.

Should Win: BIG LOVE
As Bill Henrickson’s problems get even bigger, so to does our love affair with this criminally under appreciated HBO gem.

Nominees: Simon Baker, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, Bill Paxton

Will Win: Hugh Laurie
And not just because the very-special two-hour season premiere that saw the good doctor locked away in an insane asylum had ‘For Your Consideration’ written all over it! Okay, maybe a little.

Should Win: Michael C Hall
There’s a reason he’s called America’s Favorite Serial Killer.

Nominees: Glenn Close, January Jones, Julianna Margulies, Anna Paquin, Kyra Sedgwick

Will Win: Kyra Sedgwick
Don’t shoot the messenger.

Should Win: Julianna Marguilies
Who with her comeback performance on the hit CBS procedural more than lives up to the name, the ‘good’ wife.

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  • Linda B.

    I think True Blood, Michael C. Hall, and Anna Paquin will win.

  • Ace

    I still can’t believe that LOST wasn’t nominated for best drama. I’m hoping Dexter, Michael C. Hall and Julianna or Anna Paquin.

  • Josh Emerson

    Dexter needs to win with how awesome the last season was.

  • LB

    I totally agree with Michael C. Hall! I am really hoping Hugh Laurie doesn’t win.

  • jamie

    one time I had a dream… in it, not only did Michael C. Hall win, but so did the show.

  • Drama
    Will: Mad Men
    Should: Mad Men

    Will: John Hamm
    Should: Michael C. Hall

    Will: January Jones
    Should: Glen Close

  • Dexter is good, but not that good. First season was amazing, but the rest is about average. Last season had good beginning and end, but the middle 5-6 episodes were boring and dragging the show.

  • bws

    TVA, did you just change your votes there? You do know that January Jones is far and away the worst actor on that list, right? It’s a crime she was nominated. Here are mine:

    Will: Mad Men, Hamm, Marguiles
    Should: Dexter, Hall, abstain… cause I have only seen 2/5. I just know it’s not Jones or Paquin. I need to see 3/5 to have some kind of opinion. So I’m going to say Tripplehorn from Big Love instead.

  • bws,
    Although her stint as SNL host clearly illustrated that comedy is not her forte, I’ve always loved Jones’ performance on MAD MEN. Whereas, Kyra Sedgwick bugs me.

  • ikzelf1

    I hope Dexter and Simon Baker

  • bws

    Yes, sure, her performance on SNL was one of the worst of the last 5 years. That’s a given. But she’s also the weakest link on Mad Men. She was given a holy grail of scenes in season 3 and still stood out like a sore thumb. She seems to have been nominated for the words put into her mouth and not the performance that she gave. So yes, I choose none of them and instead picked one of the amazing women on Big Love. I thought Tripplehorn’s performance during Barb’s excommunication last season was truly great work.