Live Blog: The 67th Annual GOLDEN GLOBES


10:59PM: Whether you were a fan of the tonight’s winners or not (THE HANGOVER, Best Comedy, really?), can we at least all agree that television needs more Ricky Gervais?

10:57PM: James Cameron is yet again King of the World! AVATAR (or as Governor Schwarzenegger calls it “Auvahdar”) wins a the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama.

10:47PM: Jeff Bridges wins a Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama Golden Globe for CRAZY HEART.

10:39PM: WOW! Robert Downey Jr. wins a Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical Motion Picture People’s Choice Award Golden Globe for SHERLOCK HOLMES. Seriously, did not see that coming.

10:38PM: Raise your hand if you remember the actress (Sally Hawkins) who presented the Golden Globe for Best Actor?

10:36PM: Sandra Bullock walks away with a Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama Golden Globe for THE BLIND SIDE. Love her.

10:28PM: Were the Hollywood Foreign Press drunk? Seriously, how else to explain THE HANGOVER beating out 500 DAYS OF SUMMER for a Best Motion Picture Comedy Golden Globe.

10:19PM: Don’t Stop Believin!!! GLEE walks away a Golden Globe for Best TV Series Comedy!!! Says Ryan Murphy, “This is for anyone and anybody who ever got a wedgie in High School!”

10:16PM: James Cameron wins a Best Director Golden Globe for AVATAR.

10:14PM: “I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson.” said a truly fearless Ricky Gervais of his next presenter!

10:12PM: Jodie Foster is directing a movie called “The Beaver” Too easy! (FYI: Great minds think alike, @damianhaolbrook!)

10:04PM: Cannot believe they inserted a commercial for SHUTTER ISLAND at the end of the Scorsese tribute.

10:01PM: Martin Scorsese gets a lifetime achievement awards, Mac (my dog) gets a bathroom break.

9:50PM: Christoph Waltz wins a Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Golden Globe for his ridiculously wicked performance in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

9:46PM: Awwwwww, ChloΓ« Sevigny thanks her sister-wives Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin while accepting her much-deserved Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

9:44PM: Separated at Birth III: MAD MEN’s Christina Hendricks and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT’s Jessica Rabbit. Discuss.

9:38PM: As predicted (And yes I realize I probably wasn’t the only one) MAD MEN wins a Golden Globe for Best TV Drama.

9:34PM: Hollywood Legend Sophia Loren awards THE WHITE RIBBON a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film… soon to be adapted by Steven Spielberg. Okay not really.

9:24PM: Separated at Birth II: UP IN THE AIR director/writer Jason Reitman (who incidentally just won a writing Golden Globe for UP IN THE AIR) and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Ronald D. Moore. Discuss.

9:13PM: Drew Barrymore wins a Best Actress in a Mini-series or Movie for GREY GARDENS. Showtime 3, HBO 3.

9:12PM: Kevin Bacon wins a Best Actor in a Mini-series or Movie for TAKING CHANCES. Showtime 3, HBO 2.

9:00PM: Dear Meryl Streep, the jig is up. Seriously, there’s no need to feign surprise for your much-deserved Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for JULIE & JULIA.

8:56PM: Even though we would like to subtract points for one of the worst speeches in Golden Globe history, HBO finally gets in the game with a win for GREY GARDENS, which collects a Best TV Mini-Series or Motion Picture Golden Globe. Showtime 3, HBO 1.

8:45PM: Ryan Bingham’s The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart) wins the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. While ALIAS/LOST/THE INCREDIBLES genius Michael Giacchino wins the Golden Globe for Best Original Score for UP.

8:43PM: High Definition TV is Cher’s naturally enemy.

8:37PM: First non-Gervais NBC shot of the night goes to Best Actress in a Drama Golden Globe winner Julianna Margulies who thanks CBS for “believing in the 10’o’clock Drama “You go girl good wife!

8:33PM: Michael C. Hall finally wins a Golden Globe for DEXTER! Woo-Hoo!!!

8:30PM: Separated at Birth: Larry King and Golden Globe President Philip Burke. Discuss.

8:21PM: Why Paul McCartney is slumming it up at the Golden Globes we’re not quite sure, but since he just presented UP with a much-deserved Golden Globe for a Best Animated Feature we’re just gonna shut up.

8:18PM: Class act John Lithgow wins a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe for DEXTER. Claims “I’ve had the most wonderful time creeping out the entire country for the past six months.”

8:17PM: Has a Miss. Golden Globe ever amounted to anything? (Note: previous Ms. Golden Globe’s include Rumor Willis and Lily Costner)

8:11PM: Toni Collette wins a Best Actress in a TV Comedy Golden Globe for her work in UNITED STATES OF TARA. Showtime 1, HBO 0. Not that we’re keeping score or anything.

8:05PM: Nicole Kidman presents Mo’Nique with a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for PRECIOUS. But before she does, she takes a moment to give the obligatory shout-out to Haiti. Asking people to donate… in a dress that if sold, could probably feed an entire Haitian town. We’re just sayin’

8:01PM: For the record, it took the hilarious Ricky Gervais less than four minutes to get in two beautifully crafted shots at NBC. Starting with, “I’m not used to these viewing figures, let’s face it, neither is NBC.” Only to end his opening monologue with, “Let’s get on with it, before NBC replaced me with Jay Leno.”

7:31PM: With T-minus thirty minutes and counting we thought we’d commence the evening with a question: Just how many minutes do you think it will take host Ricky Gervais to make his first joke at NBC’s expense? We give ’em five minutes! You?

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  • Amy D

    O wow. Avatar won. Shocker. I think that was expected by most.
    Am I the only person out there who really wasn’t that impressed by it?

  • forg

    10:47PM: Jeff Bridges wins a Best Actor in a Drama Golden Globe for CRAZY HORSE.

    – You mean CRAZY HEART, right?

    I predicted the Hangover and Robert Downey Jr. win, the box office success is a factor but I was thinking NINE could have won if not for the major bad reviews it got.

  • Ace

    I’m learning how behind in movies I am. Apparently I need to turn off the TV and go to a movie theater. πŸ˜›

  • forg

    Overall happy for some “new” wins from Michael C. Hall and Glee πŸ™‚ Mad Men, Alec Baldwin and Toni Collete I know are good but there wins are just not that exciting.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m really excited to see Avatar win. I loved that movie.

    I’m not so excited by the Glee win. It’s not a bad show but it’s incredibly overrated. Modern Family, 30 Rock, and The Office are all so much better.

  • forg,
    Thanks for the correction

    Amy D,
    You are not alone. Enjoyed AVATAR, LOVED UP IN THE AIR

    Josh Emerson,
    Happy for the gang from GLEE but would have been equally happy to have anyone in the category (with of course the notable exception of ENTOURAGE) to walk away with the prize.

  • Yay! …For Sandra Bullock, Up, and Glee. But, especially for Sandra Bullock!!! πŸ˜€

    Meryl Streep winning for Julie & Julia is a no-brainer even though the movie itself was just good, not great.

    Same for Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Holmes. Lackluster movie; impressive performance.

    Felt (500) Days of Summer fell just short of greatness, but I didn’t see The Hangover, so I would have been good with (500) winning too.

    As for Best Screenplay, I only say District 9, but I’m still glad it did *not* win.

    Mixed feelings about James Cameron & Avatar. :[

    Too bad for Michael Emerson of Lost and Lea Michele of Glee (who deserves some kind of award somewhere). πŸ™

    And, someone should pass a law that Drew Barrymore should never give an acceptance speech. I was in another room only half-listening to it, and it still got on my nerves.