An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Shocking Sex Change!

There’s nothing better than when a soap manages to catch viewers completely off guard and yank the rug right out from under them. According to our friends at Soaps In Depth magazine, the shock Katherine Chancellor gets this week will cause jaws to drop all over Genoa City… and give much-missed Victor Newman a chance to ride to his old pal’s rescue.

“Katherine’s been looking for her daughter for ages,” says the magazine’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms, of the town’s wealthy grand dame who put her love child up for adoption many moons ago. “So imagine her surprise when Tucker McCall, the guy who just took over her company, waltzes in and says, ‘Oh, by the way, that daughter you’re seeking is a son, and I’m him!’ She’s blown away and has no clue whether what he’s saying is true or not.”

The good news for Katherine is that she has a whole lot of wealthy, powerful friends who are ready to help her sort things out and, more importantly, bring down her son/nemesis. “It’s on!” says Simms, adding that the story dovetails perfectly with the return of Eric Braeden (Victor), who left the show last year during a heated contract dispute. “If there’s one person you want by your side when you do battle in Genoa City, it’s Victor.” And since Tucker apparently has a major hate-on for the mom who abandoned him, this is one fight that could get down and dirty.

And just to give this already sudsy saga an added twist, Tucker — who was introduced last December — will soon get a new face when current portrayer William Russ is recast with Stephen Nichols (aka DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Patch) on Wednesday, January 27. “Sometimes,” concludes Simms, “the backstage drama is almost as good as the stuff on screen!”

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  • Sherry Wright

    Young and Restless is the best of daytime shows now and has been for years…I’ve watched since it started. My friends are all of the same opinion.

  • BHcolin

    man oh man — I still needed to watch my episode of Y&R today. I don’t read spoilers for that show at all, because it’s my must see show and I check out this site and in right up front I get this info. Da-n, wish I would of just ran to the store instead of checking out the computer..

  • julene

    i knew when they said nikkie was not her daughter and tucker came to town and then was recast that catherine would have a son
    y and r is the best when it comes to story telling

  • BHcolin

    oh wow– I was so bummed out last night when I read the headline to this post. I was totally thinking that the twist was that Katherine give birth to a girl, and that Tucker had a sex change. So I was like that was a huge twist just to post before the jump. Then after rereading this and watching the past two days of shows I understand. I had figured that Tucker would be her son when it was said he was being recast and when JoJo wasn’t a name or a soap actress. I mean they wouldn’t give the role of Katherine Chancellors’ child to just anyone.

    So my apologizes if I sounded rude before.