GLEE Goes Global: JAPAN Edition

Following in Italy’s footsteps, it looks like it’s now Japan’s turn to get their GLEEK on!

Thanks to @frankenteen for the Tip!

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  • ct

    Damn you. When I wake up screaming in the night, I’m going to be calling your ass for putting those wildly disturbing images into my head.

  • Ah…culture shock. I love it.

  • Kirsten

    Okay. It’s official. I do not understand Japan. At all. 0.o

  • Hil
  • Aileen

    I’m living in Japan right now and watch TV a lot and I haven’t seen that commercial at all. I only have basic cable which means I have about five stations. I guess it’s only airing on the extended cable. Too bad.

  • Melissa

    Ok i have totally come back like 5 times today to watch this clip! soo funny!!

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