Morning Static: Neil Patrick Harris, Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams & More!

• Legendary News, Neil Patrick Harris to guest on the upcoming Joss Whedon directed episode of GLEE.
• J.J. Abrams pilot continues to heat up, with the stunning Jessica Parker Kennedy signing on.
• Be prepared for a prime-time shuffle, with the White House setting the President’s State of the Union for Wednesday January 27.
• Proof that dreams do come true, Joss Whedon’s next television project could land on FX.
• Hundreds get wet for Conan, braving the LA rain to show their support.

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  • The NPH news made my decade. Glee, Whedon and NPH: It’s like a perfect storm of awesome. I’m sure the episode will be LEGEND-wait for it, but you can’t because you’re too excited-DARY