On the Fly… with THE DEEP END Star Matt Long


WHY HE LOOKS FAMILIAR: For the simple reason that Long’s big break came headlining fifty percent of one of this TV Addict’s all-time favorite brilliant-but-cancelled series. “Man, when people walk up to me and say something about JACK & BOBBY it really means a lot to me and I really appreciate it,” revealed Long on a recent one-one-one during last week’s Television Critics Press Tour in Pasenda. “The longer I go in my career, the more I realize that it was such an incredible opportunity and experience that doesn’t happen all that often.”

ON WORKING WITH A FEW FAR MORE FAMOUS CO-STARS: “The writing was so fantastic and the quality of the show was so high that we had access to all these great actors who were willing to jump onboard,” said Long of JACK & BOBBY’s ridiculously talented ensemble which included Christine Lahti, John Slattery, and Bradley Cooper. “It’s funny, because it was my first job so everything I was doing was a first. Looking back, I count my blessing to have been involved with it and wish I could have done some more of them.”

ON CHOOSING ROLES: “I’ve done things here (Sydney White) and there (Ghost Rider) over the past couple of years, but quality roles like Jack [on JACK & BOBBY] just don’t come along that often,” said Long on what took him so long to return to the small screen.

WHAT’S NEXT: Jack McCallister goes to law school! Okay, not really. But starting Thursday, ABC’s THE DEEP END may offer up the next best thing when Matt Long, playing young and idealistic first-year associate Dylan Hewitt is forced to navigate the ethically murky waters of one of the country’s most powerful Law firms in order to succeed. Quick, where’s Bobby when you need him?

THE DEEP END premieres on ABC Thurdsay January 21 at 8PM

Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

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  • Nick

    Matt is so talented, and quite hot. I’ll have to catch him in reruns, as ABC whiffs again, sticking this legal drama at 8pm instead of 10pm.

  • God I miss that show. Jack & Bobby was so unbelievably good.

  • forg

    JACK & BOBBY was really a nice show but it would have been better if they didn’t reveal who would be the president but the show was so mature, smart writing. But it had a nice series finale so I’m fine how it ended.

    I’m checking out THE DEEP END out of loyalty to JACK & BOBBY stars haha/

  • Margaret

    Loved ‘Jack and Bobby’ – would love to see it released on dvd.

  • faye08

    i love matt..handsome!!