Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Train Wreck Moments From Last Night’s THE BACHELOR

By: CT

Jake proves he’s a total wuss.
On a date with Vienna, the studly bachelor practically broke down in tears when the time came to bungee jump. Of course, that didn’t stop Vienna from making out with the guy… upside down… suspended from a rubber band. I’m not calling her a tramp, but… tramp.
Jon Lovitz sells his soul.
Rodney Dangerfield may be the comedian famous for saying he gets no respect, but Lovitz proved he’s willing to fight for that title by letting his comedy club be the setting for a group date during which one girl’s stage fright led her to weep and the “jokes” told by the other ladies had us crying “make it stop!”

Vienna is thrown under the bus. Repeatedly.
She was the butt of one housemate’s painfully bad comedy routine and had more knives thrust into her back than Julius Caesar. But she proved herself worthy of the attacks by, despite having been given a rose in advance, interrupting Elizabeth’s private time with Jake as they were debating whether or not she’s a big ol’ tease.
Ella proves herself a producer’s dream.
Not only did she let her son be used as a prop… not only did she all-but-say she’d accept if Jake proposed in the finale, but she actually invoked the ABC franchise’s one and only truly successful love match by saying, “the picture-perfect ending to this would be kind of the way Trista and Ryan are.” I have no doubt that producers wept tears of joy.
Crazy, crazy Michelle.
Every season, there’s a nutjob. This year, it’s Michelle. Highlights? “I’m ready to get married and give my kid another grandbaby,” she declared, quickly following it up by, “Not that I’m desperate.” To prove how not-desperate she is (aside from the whole try-and-find-love-by-dating-a-guy-who-has-a-harem-on-national-television thing), she told Jake, “I really, really, really want a husband” and topped it off with, “Would it be awkward if I asked if I could kiss you?” The only thing more awkward? Michelle asking Jake if he thought she should stay… and him sending her home. Oh, wait, even more awkward? The exit-interview in which she said, “Everybody felt… certain people felt that I was the girl.” Certainly the producers felt that she was the girl… to help give them big ratings.

Photo Credit: Greg Zabilski/ABC

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    I don’t watch, but the saddest thing to me is that The Bachelor beats Chuck by so much ratings-wise…