TV Ratings: Monday January 18, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 10.52 4.0/10
FOX 24 10.46 3.2/8
ABC The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love 9.91 3.4/9
NBC Chuck 6.66 2.5/6
CW One Tree Hill 2.16 1.1/3
8:30PM CBS Accidentally on Purpose 10.35 3.5/9
9PM CBS Two and a Half Men 16.20 5.3/12
FOX 24 11.47 3.6/8
ABC The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love 10.83 4.0/9
NBC Heroes 3.93 1.8/4
CW Life Unexpected 2.74 1.2/3
9:30PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 14.99 5.2/12
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 13.16 3.6/10
ABC Castle 9.44 2.8/8
NBC The Jay Leno Show 4.61 1.1/3

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  • Dave

    3.93-mil for Heroes?! Is that a new all-time NBC low!?

  • Joleen

    Bachelor beat 24 where it counts — 18-49

  • Ace

    Sorry that Chuck lost some but at least it beat Heroes.

  • Ace,

    24 beats THE BACHELOR, HEROES deservedly tanks, HIMYM and THE BIG BANG THEORY continue to rise, while LIFE UNEXPECTED outperformed the overhyped GOSSIP GIRL in the same time-slot.

    And as for CHUCK, I’m not too worried. NBC has enough that my guess it’s pretty much a lock for renewal.

  • Dave

    Glad to see Life Unexpected did well. I liked it even though the first episode was pretty much a longer version of the preview for it…

  • I’m a big fan of Two and a Half Men, so I’m really glad it’s doing so well. On the other hand, as Dave was pointing out I’m also very surprised by the Heroes’ rating…

  • Irish Joe

    Damn, Heroes is really dead… I still like the show but even I agree that the time has come for them to end it all… What will be a shame however is if it is cancelled now and they dont get the chance to film another season to tie upo everything since they have already finished filming this season and it supposedly ends on a Cliffhanger…

  • theo

    It’s nice to see HIMYM winning the hour.

  • Lizzy

    NBC should put Heroes out of its mysery. This is really embarrassing. Zucker really ruined NBC. I hope Comcast fires him.