Morning Static: Shonda Rhimes, John Barrowman, Cory Montieth & More!

• Lost Anatomy, ABC picks up Shonda Rhimes pilot revolving around three US doctors who opt to work for in an isolated tropical clinic.
• The Gleek goes on, with star Cory Monteith confirming that a live concert tour is really in the works.
• John Barrowman is [maybe] Coming to America… in a FOX version of his UK hit series FRINGE.
• Randy Jackson in denial, thinks (hopes) Simon Cowell will be back on AMERICAN IDOL next season.
• You’re invited to… PARTY DOWN, with Starz announcing a second season premiere date of April 23. On a somewhat related note, still waiting for a release date for the season one DVD. Seriously Starz, what’s up with that?

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  • Ace

    I think you mean a US version of Torchwood. We already have Fringe. 😉

    Party Down was hilarious, but I fear the second season won’t be as good w/out Jane Lynch. The last few episodes w/out her just weren’t the same.

  • Ace,
    You just scooped my question of the day (re: fringe/torchwood!)

  • Nick

    Would ANYONE be even mildly surprised if Cowell is seated on Idol next year? I’m so cynical about any and every reality show “headline” anymore, I just don’t care. These shows have played viewers for fools for too long.

  • Nick,
    Quite frankly, I’m shocked that Paula hasn’t made a ‘shocking’ return to IDOL!

  • Ace

    Well to be fair, there “isn’t supposed” to be alien activity on Fringe (apparenlty a monster from space that turns people to dust is not alien), just other dimension/science gone wrong activity. Clearly they are completely different…

  • Hil

    It is weird they’d do a US version of a BBC show that is a spin off of another BBC show. Not that I’d ever (EVER) want them to remake Doctor Who…but it is still strange to me.

  • Josh Emerson

    Honestly I would be surprised to see Simon on Idol next year. I don’t see any reason why he would go back there when it’s pretty clear he wants X Factor to be a success.

  • BizarroP

    ugh can Shonda Rhimes do a show that has nothing to do with doctors? Imagine how many stupid crossovers, this’ll have!

  • wing tezuka

    please don’t ruin torchwood….