Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We LOVED Last Night’s MODERN FAMILY


The Remote Control
First and foremost, last nights MODERN FAMILY has finally given this TV Addict an ally in our seemingly never-ending fight to stave off really obvious technical support questions from friends and family. Seriously. The next time they who shall not be named asks us how to operate their television, rather than dole out our standard eye-roll (which incidentally, would make PARKS AND RECREATION’s April Ludgate proud), we’ll simply refer them to last night’s episode and hand them our soon-to-be-designed “If Haley Can Do it…” sticker!

Guest Stars
Both Chazz Palminteri as Jay’s possibly-gay-but-evidently-not best friend Shorty and Kristen Schaal as the slightly inappropriate online object of Manny’s affection (“Her name is Whitney. I met her in an online book club. We both like vampire fiction an the romance of eternal life.”) both served as prime examples of guest stars serving the story, not the other way around. Something that GLEE’s Ryan Murphy and his increasingly crowded roster of guest stars (Kristin Chenoweth! Idina Menzel! Neil Patrick Harris!) should probably take note of.

Gloria & Manny
Leave it to Gloria — who always seems to see the best in everybody — turn around what started off as a uncomfortable and surprising send-up of DATELINE’S TO CATCH A PREDATOR into an unexpected opportunity for laughs and heartfelt moments when she decided to give the very-unlucky-in-love Whitney a makeover (“In my country there’s a saying, ‘Love is just around the corner.’ I come from a neighborhood with a lot of prostitutes.”) while Manny doles out relationship advice, as only Manny can, “You’re not stupid. Stupid is not following your heart and taking a chance on love.” 

Phil & Claire
Although fans and critics alike have already professed how nice it was to see hapless Phil finally gain the upper hand in the never-ending battle that is marriage by successfully demonstrating to Claire that he could teach daughter Haley how to operate their home theater system’s ‘brain’ in less than twenty minutes. I think we can all agree — after joining Dylan in a very revealing look at Claire less than a year after actress Julie Bowen gave birth to twins in real-life — that Phil has always been a winner! Damn.

Ability to get laughs from inanimate objects.
Car: “Enter a destination” 
Mitchell: “Hell”
Car: “Mexican Food”
In our books, pretty much any show that can find laughs in a talking car gag was robbed of a Best TV Comedy Golden Globe. We’re just sayin’

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  • Kyle

    ROBBED indeed! Glee didn’t deserve that award over Modern Family.
    Just sayin’..

  • Ace

    There were so many full out belly laughs last night. I love Glee, but I have to agree that Modern Family deserved the Globe more. Hopefully it will get an Emmy come fall. AND hopefully the actors will be recognized too.

  • Josh Emerson

    Last night’s episode was awesome. But you already posted the two quotes I was planning on doing for the Quotes of the Week post! It was hilarious when Gloria said that she comes from a neighborhood with a lot of prostitutes.

    I think this might be becoming my favorite show. 30 Rock is still hilarious, but Modern Family is hilarious AND has a lot of heart. I love that.

  • Josh,

    I almost think MODERN FAMILY should be disqualified from Quotes of the Week! It’s too good!

  • Nick

    Julie Bowen doesn’t get nearly enough credit. She absolutely nails it with comedy, and was also superb in Lost and Boston Legal. Her “straight man” is funnier than most actors who deliver the punch lines.

  • Melissa

    Last night’s episode was the first episode of MODERN FAMILY I have seen, and now i see what everyone has been talking about! I was laughing out loud through the whole thing!

  • bws

    Remember, Golden Globes can be bought, Emmys can’t.

    Modern Family is really clicking. I don’t always love Phil but the laughs do keep coming each and every week.

  • Funniest show on TV hands down. MF was completely robbed of a Golden Globe by ‘Glee’ which while enjoyable is quite frankly more of a dramedy.

  • John

    Yeah, this show keeps hitting it out of the park. The GGs don’t give a crap about quality, just what’s cool, so I’m OK with Glee winning, but I hope and pray MF wins this weekend’s SAG for Ensemble, because no other show even comes close. Once again, I watched an episode and realized all six adult actor deserve Emmy nominations. Not only was it hilarious, but you left out the best part, which was the genuine emotion of Mitchell’s final speech. Not only was it hilarious, it made me a little misty-eyed.

  • forg

    I’;m okay with GLEE winning since the category is COMEDY or MUSICAL and it’s a good musical after all but if MODERN FAMILY, I would have jumped with joy.

    GREAT episode last night (Julie Bowen looked so hot on the “webcam” scene I must say 😀 ). Other than the mentioned parts, another thing I love about last night’s ep was how Cam told that when he was born his mom already knew he was gay haha

  • Alison

    I laughed soo many times during that episode! The prositute line and the car scene were my favorites! But also when Cam says he got medeival on the florist, and Mitchell says “You said you were displeased,” Cam: “Excuse me, I said I was very displease, and I used my cowboy voice.” It was just a brillant episode!!

  • baps

    I just watch it, and i’m loving it!! It’s better than Glee, much (the only things that good from Glee is the singing)