TV Ratings: Wednesday January 20, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 26.73 9.8/27
CBS New Adventures of Old Christine 6.46 1.9/6
NBC Mercy 5.84 1.4/4
ABC Modern Family (R) 5.08 1.6/5
CW Life Unexpected (R) 1.72 0.7/2
8:30PM ABC Gary Unmarried 6.17 1.9/5
ABC The Middle (R) 4.70 1.7/4
9PM CBS Criminal Minds 15.34 4.3/11
FOX Human Target 10.42 3.4/9
ABC Modern Family 9.79 4.1/11
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 5.59 1.4/4
CW Gossip Girl (R) 0.81 0.4/1
9:30PM ABC Cougar Town 7.55 3.4/9
10PM CBS CSI: NY 13.89 3.7/10
NBC The Jay Leno Show 4.61 1.2/4
ABC Ugly Betty 4.59 1.6/5

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  • BizarroP

    I think Betty did a little better than last week

  • Nick

    Nice premiere encore number for Life Unexpected. Factor in the two airings and you have just under a 5-rating in a very competitive week (with the return of 24 and Idol).

    I’m only sorry we’re getting 13 episodes of LUX this season.

  • Dave

    Please ABC move Ted to Wed at 8. ABC would have a great comedy night on their hands.

  • Dave,
    Agreed, although if anybody gets the spot I feel as though it’s going to be the ABC Studios produced SCRUBS, not the FOX produced BETTER OFF TED.

    As CW repeats go, LUX performed phenomenally well versus 90210 and MELROSE for instance which couldn’t even crack a million viewers yesterday.

  • Oh, Human Target actually premiered last night? Woops. I was going to give that a try too. Was it any good? Does anyone know if they’re re-playing it, maybe on Friday or Saturday night?

  • Ace

    I wish ABC would just give Fox BoT. I think it would have done better on that network to begin with. Although, they did kill Arrested Development.

    Todd — Human Target actually premiere last Sunday. So you have missed two episodes. I have only seen the first which was okay, not great. But I love a lot of the actors, so I’ll def. watch last night’s episode later. Btw, a great way to see if a show is going to be replayed is to go to IMDB, go to the episode list and see when it will be aired. In this case, Human Target will not be (it might have been scheduled for Friday before the telethon was scheduled). But you can probably catch up on Hulu.

  • Ace

    Ooo btw, if you are a Battlestar Galactica fan, Six was in the first episode :).

  • Alex Veljan

    This Ugly Betty episode was GREAT, one of the best, as is the whole season, pity they still can’t pull ratings up. I hope they will

  • gon

    i love COURTENEY COX she is super fabulous and funny, but her show hasnt the best numbers that`s really bad. Lov her any way! Go Courteney!!!