Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday January 21, 2010


From the network that brought you GREY’S ANATOMY comes the far less compelling legal version of the exact same show. But, since the cast features a plethora of TV Addict favorites including Matt Long (JACK & BOBBY), Tina Majorino (VERONICA MARS), Billy Zane (TITANIC) and Norbert Leo Butz (Broadway’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) we’re more than prepared to dive in, at least for a few episodes.

PRIVATE PRACTICE (10PM ABC, “A” Channel in Canada)
Sam and Naomi’s daughter makes an announcement that stuns everyone. Everyone that is except us, who already had said announcement ruined by ABC’s far too revealing promos. Seriously what’s up with that?

THE OFFICE (9PM NBC, GlobalTV in Canada)
Possible Glorified Clip Show Alert: When a potential buyer arrives at Dunder Mifflin, Michael reflects on memorable moments at the office.

CSI (9PM CBS, 8PM CTV in Canada)
Continuing to reinforce the stereotype that the majority of CBS viewers are of the old, white and grey-haired variety comes tonight’s episode which revolves around the murder of a legendary golf pro who is murdered during a high-profile tournament. Golfers Natlie Gulbis, Rocco Mediate, Gary McCord and Duffy Waldorf appear as themselves.

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  • Ace

    Too. Many. Shows. On. One. Freaking. Night!

  • Dave

    Ace, Completely agree. This night and Monday are bad for that.

  • Ace

    And yet Tuesdays and Wed. have so little…

  • Very excited for tonight’s TV even though most of it will end up being watched on the weekend!

  • grumpyoldman

    Oh my…that was the flattest episode of Grey’s A yet. This show needs help.

  • Nick

    Vampire Diaries was great, as usual. Always something unexpected. Wish other CW dramas would take a lesson and move the stories along…or better yet, write a story arc we actually care about.

    (Note to GG fans: Asking for Chuck and Blair to make out is NOT a story.)

  • If it weren’t for my DVR series settings I would have missed the return of The Office…the calendar said it wasn’t due to come back until 2/4 & it came back on 1/21!