An In Depth Look At… The GENERAL HOSPITAL Reveal Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Soaps are all about secrets, and it looks like next week, one of the biggest in recent GENERAL HOSPITAL history will finally come out! According to Soaps In Depth magazine, crime boss Sonny is about to have his world rocked by the truth about his henchman, Dominic!

“Dominic’s keeping a lot of things under wraps,” shares the mag’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms. “For one thing, Dominic’s an undercover cop who is out to bust Sonny. But what makes this whole mess really interesting is that Sonny is Dominic’s dad, and neither guy knows it!”

But what good’s a secret if it doesn’t come out in the most dramatic fashion possible, right?

“Years ago, GH had a famous sequence that’s known among fans as ‘clink/boom,’” explains Simms. “It involved the happiest of moments, a wedding, playing out at the exact same time as a terribly tragic death. The ‘clink’ was champagne glasses touching, the ‘boom’ was a car exploding. Ever since, the show has periodically played with similar scenarios. This week, it’ll happen again thanks to a baby’s christening taking place on one side of town as a shooting happens on the other. There will be one big secret coming out before the shooting and another after.”

As if that weren’t enough excitement for you, the magazine’s new ABC issue also will reveal the results of its first-ever Supercouple Smackdown, including whether fans picked GH’s Sam or Liz as the woman they want to see with Jason. “Let’s just say that both pairings have very big, very vocal fan bases,” says Simms. “No matter what, one side is going to be unhappy. Because this is truly a situation where you can’t please everyone. Hey, there’s only so much Jason to go around!”

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  • Miriam

    This fight over Jason is so ridiculous. I wish they would just kill the borg. He’s useless. AS far as everything else. *Yawn* I wish it was Sonny or Jason getting shot and killed along with Michael. He should have never woken up out of that coma.

  • sharon

    Wow, can this show get any more boring? I wish they’d get rid of the borg too– along with Sonny and Carly. Then maybe, I could get my show back. And, I’m sick of the GH writers, producers and executives being irrationally in love with their own show and agendas. That’s part of the problem- it’s THEIR show..not ours. They write for themselves and own egos- not for the fans and what we want.

  • Gail

    I love Jason, I think the way Steve B has be portraying the different sides to him is great. He has had to take a step back and examine his life. I am loving the GH storylines and what’s been going on. Lately Jason has been on an emotional rollercoaster and I am glad to be along for the ride

  • Dana

    I love Jason Morgan he os the best part of GH!!!
    I love JaSam , I think Sam is perfect for Jason they are a real super couple
    Go Jason Go JaSam

  • Laurie

    Wow! So sad to see/hear so much hate out there! I LOVE how the story is playing out in the wake of Franco’s (temporary) departure and the inner conflict Jason Morgan is going through as a result…which is being played OUTSTANDINGLY by Steve Burton. As long as Steve Burton continues to play Jason Morgan, I don’t care if Jason is in the mob, goes into the PI biz w/Sam and Spinelli, or models Maxie’s haute coture .

  • Ashley

    I am tired of the storylines surrounding Jason, Sonny, Michael and the mob. I’m so tired of the Jason hero worship. He’s a killer. When will the writers listen to the viewers and give us something worth watching.

  • Karen

    While I adore Steve Burton, I stopped watching the show because of what they’ve done to his character. He had a chance at both character growth while keeping his core characteristics and instead they made him painfully stagnant and therefore unrootable. I can tell you without watching what the next months will entail for his character because it never, ever changes. It’s like watching Groundhog Day.

  • annette

    I like Jason more these past few months than I have in a long time and don’t consider him a borg at all. I think Sonny is the one that needs a good shaking these days (and Michael .. ugh!). Jason has grown to be a very compassionate and caring person – I have a theory that the Franco/Jason story line and the Liz/Nic/Lucky storyline was to create a catalyst, a way for both Jason and Lucky to swap roles, per se. Jason has also been the dark, brooding bad guy who reacted without feeling. Now he has had the opportunity to reflect on his actions and I wonder if he might become our new ”white knight’ (fulfilling his original destiny) and Lucky (except for his thieving, cheating, pill popping days) has been the good guy cop.. now he can slide back down to dark pits of hell that lures and tortures the Spencer men (fulfilling his destiny, so to speak). (all this, Just my theory.)

    As for the couple smack down?
    If Liz/Jason win I don’t know how in the world that is justified other than Jason is taking care of a ‘lost to the winds’ Elizabeth and his son…
    Jason and Sam work because she accepts him as he is… but perhaps she would not understand a fully transitioned Jason.

    BTW-I hope the writers love what they are writing. The show would be really crappy if they hated it, had no interest or investment in it. I don’t always agree with a storyline or character development, and would perhaps write it differently if I had the choice, but am thankful the writers are passionate enough to keep the show alive – especially in today’s unsure environment.

  • Count me as a viewer who *loves* the Mob aspect of the show. That’s what keeps me interested. Your mileage may vary, of course, but if I wanted all romance, all the time, I’d watch another soap.

    Also: JaSam, JaSam, JaSam! They are the perfect match.

  • sharon

    Karen, I sympathize with what you said. I don’t have feelings for Steve one way or another, but I am not a fan of Jason and have not been for over ten years. Maybe I’d like him better if there was a reason to root for his character. But, I see none. He’s one dimensional. He never learns from his mistakes. And as long as he stays in the mob, I see very little chance of that changing. It’s the same story over and over and I think it doesn’t give Steve much material to work with. And, sorry, but I’m sorry to see Jason on my TV screen. Same goes for Sonny. I used to be a fan of Sonny- but haven’t since mid 1990’s. The writing has destroyed his character as well. So sad what has happened to this show. I am thankful to see Robin and Patrick and a few others (Mac, Maxie, Matt and Dante). Unless this show dramatically changes for the better in the near future, I will stop watching once the wonderful Kim McCullough and Jason Thompson leave the show.

  • Jessie Brewer

    I like the mob stuff but the Jason hero worship from almost every character at Sonny’s expense is a lot to swallow. Jason is the *good* mobster who has friends and a love interest. Sonny is the *bad* mobster who is the town pariah. It doesn’t make any sense. Jason does all the *bad* stuff Sonny does! It’s also cruel to give Sonny a large family and then cut his access to them. Mobsters do have close families and friends. Their families are not shot at, kidnapped or in danger all the timet. GH needs to write the mob more realistically and more balanced.

  • JaSam

    ppl this is a soap.. Steve Burton does an amazing job and so do the other actors. We all know this is not real. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all! love JASAM and how their relationship is progressing!!!! JASAM JASAM JASAM!!!!

  • GH fan 23

    I’m not sure why his pairings have caused all of this drama. In fact, I think he and Sam are a perfect match — boring meets more boring. They belong together, nodding their heads in agreement that somehow their little escapades and killings are noble. RMEs.

    The Sonny/Carly/Jason focus has hurt GH. Not even Shakespeare could write for those three — GH now has flooded the show with Sonny’s spawn, ex-girlfriends, and all the crap from that.

    I’m pretty unhappy with GH — I have been for over a year. So, unhappy that I actually don’t watch it — but I hang around in case, GH gets smart, and fires all the writers and producers and executives.

  • I think that Jason has played his scenes to the fullest this week. His scenes have been wonderful. But his partner–total waste of airspace. Bring back Elizabeth and Jason as a couple and let the whole town know about them. Let them raise their son together and fight off the bad guys together, Give them the chance they haven’t yet had and let their natural chemistry do the rest. Let the Q’s know they don’t have to make up new heirs. There is a little boy right under their noses for them to get to know and love.

  • Jen

    Jason belongs with Liz. It’s only with Liz that he has the opportunity for family and character growth. Steve Burton and Becky Herbst have the most amazing chemistry, and it is a shame that it is being wasted. Jason and Sam are boring and the real Jason Morgan never would have forgiven Sam for watching his son be kidnapped by a mentally ill woman and then hiring two gunmen to threaten his son, Liz and Cameron in the park. It took Jason years to forgive Robin for revealing Michael’s paternity(and never was romantic with her again), but we are supposed to believe that he forgives Sam this fast? Bull****

  • Christie

    I for one have not been waiting for this reveal, I was for a long time, now I’m just not interested. GH managed to ruin a perfectly good, interesting and potentially compelling storyline by dragging it out for 2 years. The major secret I have waited to come out has been the paternity of Jake outed to the world and the Liz and Jason connection revealed putting Liz in a no choice situation re: the safety of thier son. But again, I’m not really interested in that either. Jason has become an unrootable, boring character. It was nice to see him torn between his life, loving Liz and wanting to be a father, but that whole arch was dropped for no good reason, now we get him still broading and unhappy, yet we don’t relate with his cause anymore. I am at the point I would rather see Jake aged, and watch as Jason is killed by him in executioner style. I don’t tend to root for dead beat dads to find happiness. Sorry GH, 2009 and the beginning of 2010 has been one flop after another, I can’t imagine this will be any different. Especially given you are admitting to redoing yet another episode of GH that is guaranteed to not out do the original. (Yes, I have noticed the many, many, many repeated scenes and lines from over the years. Hello, Nic and Liz, almost every line was said by Liz and Jason only a couple years before, and Jason and Sam has stolen many Liz and Jason moments from thier younger years. And again, they flop compaired to the originals)

  • Cheri

    Why is the Dante storyline just the same blame Sonny mess, rewashed and revisited? Sorry, but I feel there’s a consorted effort by Guza & GH to instigate hate toward Sonny, and damage Mr. Benard’s popularity with fans! For years now, GH has let down Sonny’s fans! Mr. Benard has never let down GH or his fanbase!

    After years of hardwork building the mob storyline, he finally received his emmy! Immediately following Mr. Benard’s win, the writing got worse.Then there were empty promises that the writing for Sonny’s couplings and storylines would improve. All GH has been willing to offer devoted fans is a dumbed down, selfish, oversexed version of Sonny.

    Meanwhile, they whitewash the story, promote Jason, respect and promise his fans a seperate 2010 storyline outside of the mob! Once again we held on only to be duped by GH. And Guza’s 2010 promises clearly overlooked the opinions of Mr. Benard’s fans (and their demographic). Yes, I also love (Jason), Steve Burton, but am angered that GH chose to rewrite the storyline as his personal success, at the expense of Mr. Bernard (Sonny).

    Clearly GH wanted us to accept SaSon as partners when Jason was added to share in Sonny’s success. The two should also be promoted as equal partners in the here and now! GH, it’s 2010! Mr. Benard has more than proven that a minority deserves equal respect in the role of lead actor! Guess it’s justice served that many have now come to dislike the mob storyline and pretty much the entire show!

  • Jasam4life

    The reason Jason forgiving Sam is believeable is becuase unlike Robin, Sam later realized what a horrific thing she had done and later helped save Jake from the Russians. While she may had put him in jepordy in that moment of stupidity SHE is without a doubt the reason he’s alive today… shes also one of the reason Liz is alive today too. If she hadn’t been in that cabin Liz would have gotten shot, along with both of her boys. To this day Robin thinks she did the right thing telling AJ about his son and refuses to accept the fact that she might have been wrong. Sam knows she was in the wrong and regretted it.

  • Jason belongs with Liz. When these actors are acting together; nobody has chemistry like these two; they are phenomenal TOGETHER. They just don’t have “it” in any other pairing like they do with each other. I cannot stand the “Jason” that is supposed to be on screen presently. He can’t solve ANY situation for himself, amazingly always needing help from the other half of his lame, unbelievable, BORING pairing. And I agree; the Jason Morgan character I fell in love with; would NEVER,NEVER, even give that child endangering con the time of day ever again, in fact she’d be fish food by now. Lost all respect and interest in this character; sad shell of what he could have become with the character growth we would have seen with him being a husband AND father, and balancing mob and family. GH you missed the boat. What a lot of GREAT stories that could have generated. nancy,ct.

  • Kevin Lockett

    Steve and Marurice are stuck in a no win situation. If they get rid of the mob angle, then they are toast. If they stick with the mob angel, then its more years of the same. Maurice Bernard and Steve Burton are such good actors, its a shame they are stuck in mob land most of the time. That’s the differnce with a show like Y&R where you can do a lot things with Jack and Victor since they are businessman. I’m sure Maurice is iching to do one of those karoke shows, (besides he’s been playing the same guy since Nico on AMC), while Steve could tap more into his Quartermaine past, but until GH figures how to lessen the mob without losing two o f their better actors, (I think Jonathan Jackson snactched the best GH actor crown back), then the show’s fan base will be split 50-50.


  • Shannon

    I am really getting excitted about the show. Can’t wait to see the reactions of Sonny and Lucky as they feel the betrayal from the women in their life. It is going to be interesting. I also love the rebuilding of Jason and Sam’s relationship. This couple has been through so much and they still love one another. Gh is getting way better that it was in 2008.

  • CreamTeam

    I Still Love Jason… but that might be because I stopped watching GH when they broke up him and Elizabeth. There was such a great story there and the show shot itself in the foot when they didn’t allow Jason Morgan to grow by trying to have a family and all that brings with it. Mobsters have families all the time in real life but GH is too afraid to domesticate the Golden Boy. They run screaming every time they get close to expanding this character.

    Anyway… Jason just needs his world expanded beyond the mob. It’s never been about the violence for me. It’s always been about the uniqueness of a great, brain damaged soap character.

  • Camille

    I have been an avid fan of GH since I was a little girl. I have watched ABC soaps for almost 20 years. But my heart has always been drawn to Maurice Benard and Steve Burton. They bring depth to two characters that portrayed by anyone else would seem dark and twisty. Granted, there are times when even I do not like their actions. But then again, I remind myself it is a tv show written by writers who know what’s best for their show. Am I upset sometimes when the storylines don’t go my way? Sure. But if the storylines were supposed to go my way, they would be calling ME asking ME to write up a storyline. (they’re not, by the way) I love GH more than any other soap because of its mob scenes. AMC doesn’t have their mob. They have rich families who are pitted against each other every day. Boring. OLTL, I don’t even know what’s up with that show. haha I love AMC and OLTL, don’t get me wrong. But the real depth and magic to a soap opera is shown on GH. I know people think it’s misogynistic or woman-hating, but seriously no one would watch if Carly had to choose between Jax and Mac to save from Franco. Know why? Because that’s not a realistic story. I’m not saying a famous artist kidnapping two women to get a mobster’s attention is. However, people watch GH because it’s unlike any other soap. It’s passionate, astounding, funny, frustrating, unreal, and dramatic. I can name my top 5 favorite scenes. I guarantee most are filled with the mob. Not because I’m misogynistic myself, but because I know good drama when I see it. My life isn’t involved with the mob so I like my tv to be. It makes my own life seem ordinary and simple. When my tivo kicks in at 2 pm every day, I can dive into a world so much different than my own. I can laugh with Spinelli and Maxie. I can swoon over Dominic and Lulu. I can get frustrated over Elizabeth and Lucky and Nikolas. But most of all, I can get into the stories with those characters. It’s almost like I’m a part of GH. It sounds stupid, I know. But I’m a true fan. And if other people were too, they would keep watching and wait for the good stuff. Trust me. GH knows their show is leaning toward misogynistic material. Telling them our opinion is cool. Not watching the show anymore is stupid.

  • Alex-rae

    honestly, i don’t know how there is still a fight over jason, when he and liz haven’t shared a scene in months, plus she loves two other men .. honestly , people need to get over it..
    on the plus side, loud and proud jasam fan since ’04 sitting right here!

  • Leslie

    “the magazine’s new ABC issue also will reveal the results of its first-ever Supercouple Smackdown, including whether fans picked GH’s Sam or Liz as the woman they want to see with Jason. ”

    As someone who bought the new issue today, I am happy to say that fans made the right choice- Jason belongs with Liz!

  • JaSam


  • Catjaz

    I think the mob should be back burned indefinitely. GH needs to get back to scribing reviting stories that fit the daytime genre. Finally, Jason needs to get his balls back, claim his son, and reconcil with Elizabeth. That’s just my ten dollar’s worth…
    Viva Liason!

  • Dani

    I musst agree with Camille on the fact that GH is the MOST intresting soap on ABC. Although the mob story is different and intresting I do think the writers focus too much on it, there are other characters on the show that are not involved with the mob and they deserved to have their own airtime. I dont know why the Liason fans cant see that if Elizabeth truly loved jason she wouldnt be sleeping/saying i love yu to her fiance’s brother and saying stuff like “being with nikolas has awaken the women in me” so that means all the men that she has been with up until Nikolas have not been satisfying for her. And IF there was some possibility Liz could be with Jason, would she ever fully ACCEPT his lifestyle? his choices? his “cant talk about it” routine?. I am a True jasam fan. I did try and watch the whole liason thing, but it didnt work out. They can’t work. Jason needs to be with a woman who can hold her own without him, Liz can’t do that. She’s always the victim. when the russians were after them it was SAM who saved her life and her children. I do think Jason should have a family, with Sam. He was only with Liz because Jake was his son and he was in love with the whole family idea. GH has really been getting good lately unlike 07-08 I really cant wait to see the whole dante is sonny’s son/cop story unfold. Dante is awesome and hot.

  • Heather

    LMAO…Who is the reason Elizabeth is alive? Excuse me? Elizabeth shot and killed a man that saved everyone in that cabin. I hate the way GH has rewritten history recently. Elizabeth was a strong woman that I admired and they are doing their best to tear her down. While I sympathize with other fans that their favorite characters have gotten similiar treamtent over the years, I still resent GH’s tendancy to promote their current agenda at the expense of characters and history. Jason and Elizabeth were never given a chance to be a familiy and Jake’s paternity reveal is long overdue. Ratings continue on a downward spiral and SID’s poll just goes to show that many fans want to see Jason and Elizabeth’s story told finally. Give Jason depth and layers…give him his familiy with Elizabeth. Opposites attract for a reason. When two people are too simiiar they become boring. I miss GH when Jason had a family of his own to defend. As for Dante and Sonny, that reveal is long overdue as well. GH has lost its knack for dramatic beats and timing. Secrets are only interesting if they get revealed while we still care. Current writing makes is hard to love the characters we once cared for. Please get your act together GH. I miss wanting to watch.

  • Kim

    I agree Jason does need to claim his son!!! But not to reconcil with Liz he was not happywith her.

  • Jasam4life

    Sam had to re-teach Liz to use the hand gun remember?
    AND Liz wanted to go outside and check for the Russians… before Sam told her what a dumb idea that was. Liz woulda been shot down then and there.

  • Tracy

    Elizabeth is the one who saved Sam in the cabin, not the other way around. Jasam are so boring this time around. I used to like them before, but I always wanted Jason and Elizabeth together since they first met years ago. How can anyone say Jason was not in love with Elizabeth? He told her before she told him. He was ready to cover for her when they thought she ran over Sam, he asked her to marry him because he wanted a life and a family with her. I don’t see him being in love with Sam at that time, but some think that he had always been in love with Sam and had no real feelings for Elizabeth. I think Jasam are boring, all they do is talk about Michael. Sam us just there agreeing with everything Jason says. If he said the sky was red, she would be right by his side agreeing. She was more interesting when she was with Lucky, at least she had a story, and not just as a robot sidekick

  • I just have to say that I stopped watching GH for a while and only tuned back in when I heard about Jason and Sam reuniting. Add James Franco and it was icing on the cake. So I’m all for Jason and Sam staying together. I think Sam also deserves the chance to become a mom.

    Liz I was never a huge fan of except for when she and Lucky were first together and now with this (dragging) relationship with Nikolas, she’s become deadweight to me.

    The Sonny/Dante thing has also dragged. I need something to come out cause I’m ff’ing a lot.

  • arianna

    You can count me on the side of liking “mob” storylines. I don’t understand what people talk about when they say the OLD gh? There has always been some type of mob focused story. Luke and laura were running from the mob! I don’t want the same old love stories and family triangles like other sopas. I’ve never seen gh just do those stories. Soaps r pure fantasy and gh is selling us danger, love, drama and money. I choose to buy into it. Can gh focus on more stories besides the mob? Yes!!

    Liz/lucky/nik triangle has been interesting especially how lucky has handled the reveal. I think the writers have done a good job of making liz conflicted with what she feels safe with and what she wants. This is part of her history zander/ric, lucky/jason, lucky/nik.
    I think it sets up the stage for future spencer/cassadine feuds and furthers their history.

    As far as character growth its ridiculous 2 say that jason has not grown. Growth does NOT just mean him giving up his job to be with his “family”. I also find it SAD that fans see family as one dimensional!!!!! Bcuz jake is his biological son so that is family? And u pull jake from the only father he knows?! The family jake knows? Liz begged and begged jason 2 give up his rights to jake for lucky. He gave her what SHE wanted! And he is always being blamed? Even lucky said it “u and jake were collateral damage” “she asked u 2 give up ur son”. My GOD people get it straight.

    Jason has grown. He is more reflective, he questions his choices and actions. Especially after franco he has seen a part of himself in a negative way. The franco/jason was to mirror jason but show all the bad things and it did do that. Jason has not always been the celebrated mobster. He has also throughout his history with the mob questioned his choices and tried 2 leave. But like in all mob stories u can’t just leave the mob!

    I do like seeing other storylines and maybe they should get more airtime and better balance but I like the mob stuff.

  • Jasam4life

    Liz would’nt have been there to save Sam if Sam had let her go outside to search for Russians, so yeah Sam DID save Liz’s life and Liz’s child. So if you precious little Liz has forgiven her, I don’t see why you guys are dragging it out.