During last night’s somewhat lacklustre 30 ROCK, Jack took a photo of Liz and sent it to high school crush Nancy Donovan telling her that he’s with the “female Kevin McHale.” Now, if your first thought was that of the GLEE star as opposed to the ex-NBA player of the same name that Jack was undoubtedly referring to — join the club — you’re officially a bonafide GLEEK! Plus you gotta admit, it kinda works, no?

Back in the days good ol’ days of primetime television when networks routinely ordered 24, 26 or even 30 episodes of our favorite shows, clip shows were not only par for the course, but completely understandable. Unfortunately, in this modern day of television that we find ourselves in — where eight minutes of commercials have shrunk the precious few new episodes of so-called half hour sitcoms to just over twenty-two minutes — last night’s instalment of THE OFFICE that found Michael Scott looking back on memorable Dunder Mifflin moments was inexcusable. Memo to NBC. If you’re trying to win back supporters following your recent ‘Late Night’ debacle, a glorified clip show is not the way to go. We’re just sayin’

As any follower of Kevin Williamson’s twitter feed can tell you, writing episodic television ain’t easy. Which is why we thought we’d take the opportunity to let @kevwilliamson know that his seemingly endless string of all nighters and gallons of coffee are paying off. Big time. From Elena and Damon’s excellent adventure (RIP Gina Torres!), the awesomeness that is Alaric (Grading papers in a bar, really?), the burgeoning relationship between adorable Nancy Drew wannabe Anna and Jeremy (Who drug free suddenly became far smarter than your average fifth grader), not to mention the plethora of answers with regards to Elena’s mysterious connection to both Katherine and Stefan (Lindelof and Cuse take note), last night’s instalment of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES killed, both literally and figuratively. So here’s to you Mr. Williamson, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next week.

Since our appreciation for stars Tina Majorino, Matt Long, Billy Zane and Norbert Leo Butz far outweighs our disappointment in last night’s season premiere of THE DEEP END, we’re going to go out on a limb and promise to give this show a second shot. Who’s with us?

  • Nick

    RE: Vampire Diaries

    You said it all. (And how’d ya like Bonnie…able to “hear” the entombed vampires behind the wall!)

  • J

    I didn’t realize they didn’t mean the Kevin McHale from Glee until this post! I really thought that’s who they meant and I could see the resemblance. LOL

    I was watching a repeat of Friends yesterday and thinking about how clip shows are a thing of the past, then that’s what The Office ends up being. Weird.

    I never gave The Deep End a chance to begin with. The previews turned me off from it.

  • TVFan

    Ditto J,
    Not being a basketball fan myself, I naturally assumed 30 Rock was referring to Glee’s Kevin McHale! As for The Office clip show, unacceptable.

    Vampire Diaries suprasses Twilight in so many ways I can’t help but smile (seriously, Stefan is so hawt!) while The Deep End was worth it for Matt Long’s blue eyes.

  • Mack

    The Deep End was too cliche ridden. We’ve seen it all before, and it isn’t worth an hour of my time. I turned it off halfway through. We don’t need an Eli Stone without the visions.

  • Hil

    Clip shows were fine back in the mid-90s before DVDs had taken off and Hulu…but now that we can see old episodes whenever we feel like it those blast-from-the-past clip shows seem more like blasts from yesterday.

  • The Office should’ve done a clip show later on, not right after a break.

  • Josh C.

    i finally just got around to watching VD and it was amazing. I seriously love this show