Morning Static: TNT, Rob Lowe, NBC & More!

• The party is over, as Hulu begins discussions to charge users.
• We know drama indeed, TNT greenlights two new series from Steven Spielberg and George Clooney.
• What’s Next? Most likely another swiftly canceled drama as Rob Lowe announces he’s exiting BROTHERS & SISTERS in the hopes of landing his own starring vehicle.
• Twitter officially jumps the shark, find out why.
• Putting the ‘spin’ in [Jeff] Gaspin, NBC Universal TV Entertainment Chairman talks to the Hollywood Reporter about the Late night shake-up.

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  • grumpyoldman

    They don’t give Lowe anything to do on B and S, because his character isn’t gay or a woman. I’d be bored with that part too.

  • Ace

    The sad part is that Rob’s character probably had the most potential b/c it isn’t often that a show lets you see the human side of politics (The West Wing did this well). Instead of going after those storylines, they pretty much just made him the afterthought husband of Kitty and boss of Kevin.

    I’m fine with Hulu charging a small subscription fee for older content. That takes a lot of storage room and they most likely have to pay for the rights. But I really hope they don’t start charging for new episodes. Otherwise I’ll just be waiting for the DVDs of a few shows that I sometimes watch on Hulu (mostly The Office and 30 Rock). OR if they do start charging, hopefully the networks will give Netflix the rights to put them in their instant play section sooner.

  • J

    I always thought Rob Lowe sucked on B&S. It’s one of the reasons I quit watching the show. It can only get better with him gone.

    Hulu is going to go the way of Napster. Charging monthly fees worked out so well for them.