Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Celebs Who Should Be Hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE


Okay, at this point, we’ve gotten used to seen SNL serve up sketches that are moderately funny at best and about as topical as a copy of Time magazine from 2006, but must their hosts be plucked from the recycling pile as well? With all due respect to MAD MEN’s Jon Hamm (slated to host the supposed laffer on January 30) or camera spokesmodel Ashton Kutcher (February 6), we humbly offer up a few ideas for hosts who don’t come with their own “Been There, Done That, Hosted SNL” t-shirts.

Zachary Levi
NBC obviously knows they have a potential hit in the slow-to-grow CHUCK as evidenced by the ad campaigns devoted to it (not to mention their not putting our favorite Buy More employee on the shelf), so why not give the show’s star a shot in the host slot? Could prove to be a mutually advantageous situation for both shows.

Joel McHale
Live from New York… it’s the bitingly-funny star of COMMUNITY, the funniest NBC comedy that you’re not watching. And given that the guy used to still hosts THE SOUP — which is often funnier on an off day than SNL at its best — he knows a thing or two about bringin’ the funny.

Stephen Colbert
Considering the fact that Colbert was kind enough to give NBC executive Dick Ebersol time on Wednesday night’s THE COLBERT REPORT so he could plug NBC’s upcoming Olympic coverage, it seems only fair there be a little quid pro quo.

Stewie Griffin
Sure, it would take some advance planning but in a world where news networks are using holograms, why couldn’t the diaper-wearing, show-tune-crooning, matricide-plotting FAMILY GUY baby be animated into scenes?

Conan O’Brien
Rumor has it the late-night funny guy has some free time on his hands. (What? Too soon?)

  • John

    I don’t know if Conan’s gonna be in any hurry to guest on an NBC series…

  • Twitter-Entertainment2u

    yes — bizarre

    you’d think they’d be wanting Joel or Zachary to do SNL to cross-promote — but that’s NBC for ya — not the smartest group of execs!

    meanwhile, this Saturday is the Blake Lively/Rihanna repeat from 12/05/09 — the show I went to — here is my recap of that rehearsal trip:

    this ended up being a controverial ep for 2 reasons:

    1) Tiger Woods domestic abuse sketch — insensitive with Rihanna in the house?
    2) Just 2 weeks before her death, “Weekend Update” included a viist from ‘Brittany Murphy’ — all out of it. It was pulled down from HULU after the real Murphy died — but will the WU visit be cut from this repeat?? stay tuned

  • Leigh

    Or how about looking at different networks:

    Mark Harmon has a hit show right now…and both he and Michael Weatherly have proven they have some funny chops.

    Or Eric Stoltz from SyFy’s new Caprica?

  • jaims

    Joel McHale still hosts The Soup. Fact check!

  • John

    Levi and McHale would make great hosts. Forget Stewie, just let Seth MacFarlane host. It’s probably too early for Poehler to come back for Parks and Rec, but since Tina, Alec and Tracy have all done it, why not Jane Krakowski?

    And if we’re talking NBC synergy, you left out one very obvious choice: the newest star of NBC’s upcoming Parenthood, Lauren Graham! TV fans would collectively geek the heck out for that.

  • Josh Emerson

    Joel McHale still hosts The Soup!

  • Hil

    How would they do a so called “live” show with an animated guest? He’d have to be a quickly drawn stick figure to keep it anywhere near live.

  • Hil,
    I think you’re taking the list a little *too* seriously 🙂

    LOVE all your suggestions, particularly Graham and Krakowski

    Some other hosts that I thought would do a bang up while working wonders for synergy inside of NBC/Universal include PARKS AND REC’s Chris Pratt and/or Kathy Griffin

  • John

    Post-Olympics, we’re sure to get some lame Olympian, a la Nancy Kerrigan and Johnn Mosely. Safe bet would be someone like Apolo Anton Ohno, but I’m holding out for Johnny Weir. That would be preposterous.

  • TVFan

    How about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog getting a chance since NBC now owns him outright

    As for John, amazing suggestions. I’d love to see Lauren Graham and/or Krakowski walk through the iconic backdoor of Studio 8H

  • layla

    hopefully apolo anton ohno is they go the olympic path.
    but yeah, i would think NBC would have someone from heroes, parks & rec, or a new face from 30 rock host…but like someone above me said, they are NOT the smartest bulbs.

  • Bkdqoe

    Stewie Griffin DEFINITELY needs to host SNL!!!