Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things you didn’t know about LIFE UNEXPECTED

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The origins of Lux’s name.
Aside from creator Liz Tigelaar’s inexplicable love for names featuring the letter ‘X,’ the origins of LIFE UNEXPECTED’s pint-sized protagonists moniker can be directly attributed to the showrunners love for the movie Virgin Suicides, whose lead character, played by Kirsten Dunst, was… you guessed it, named Lux.

What’s in a name (Part II).
The road to a title for the hit CW series was an unexpectedly bumpy one with LIFE UNEXPECTED’s originally being billed as LIGHT YEARS. “The original idea was that Lux entered Kate and Baze’s lives, illuminating things for them in a way in which they’ve never experienced before, kind of like these are their light years,” explained Tigerlaar. “Of course the title tested way too ‘Sci-fi’ so after many iterations we settled on LIFE UNEXPECTED, and what I like about it is that you can find the letters ‘Lux’ within the title.”

Tigelaar’s betting on a second season.
So much so that the season finale, which Tigelaar just recently put the finishing touches on will leave fans with just enough questions to ensure they’ll be clamoring for a second season. “We’re definitely airing on the side of season rather than series finale,” promised Tigelaar. “While there will be a culmination of a lot of things so that the finale will feel satisfying, there will be more than enough questions left up in the air laying the groundwork for a second season.”

Cate and Baze are not Soul Mates!
At least according to Tigelaar, who told TVGuide in a recent interview that, “Obviously when something big happens like that in the pilot, with two characters carrying a significant secret, you’re waiting for it to come out. That will definitely happen, and as most secrets do, they come out at an inopportune time. In terms of Cate and Baze’s relationship, these are two people who have to really reconcile what their feelings are about each other. Because of TV, we’re trained to think that Cate and Baze belong together. But there’s a good question in there: “Really? You’re the soul mate of the guy who knocked you up in high school in the back of a minivan? Really?” Logic says that’s ridiculous”

It’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.
Particular since you can download the season premiere of LIFE UNEXPECTED for free on iTunes by clicking here.

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  • forg

    I hope this show continues to do well – CW standards. I hope CW would greenlit more shows on these mold next season.

  • showtime

    When I heard her name was Lux, I became grateful that I paid attention in Latin class and remembered Lux meant light…I really enjoyed the first episode…I wonder when they’ll start playing it in Canada

  • theo

    We get it here in Vancouver.

  • Nick

    If anyone missed it Monday night, they can see the encore Wednesday at 9pm….(it’s usually at 8pm on Wed., but CW feels many may sample LUX opposite the State of the Union propaganda, which will be recounted point by point the next day across all media).

  • CandyMaize

    I’ve really enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I intend to keep watching. I wish the show much success!

  • showtime

    @theo: I’m in Toronto. I guess I should invest in digital cable to get the CW :S

  • TVFan

    LOVING Life Unexpected.

  • Bobbi

    Great new show. I love the energy and the fact that all the actors are relatively unknown. But….as a Portlander, I resent that the show is supposed to be set in my city but instead is filmed in Vancouver! Portland is so much brighter than Vancouver….

  • Frank

    I love this show. It’s so heartwarming. I love the characters on the show. It’s also funny in it’s own way. I wish the show much sucess and hope to see many seasons.

  • eric vollmer

    I have enjoyed watching the story of LIFE UNEXPECTED and would love to see the characters of Cate, Baze and Lux develop over many seasons!