Channel Surfing: LOST, CHUCK, BROTHERS & SISTERS & More!

After yet another hilarious (albeit low rated) instalment of BETTER OFF TED last night, this TV Addict thought now might be as good a time as any to offer up a tiny glimmer of hope for fans of the show. One, and let’s face it, possibly the only reason why BETTER OFF TED may live to see another season is that the show, which features a mere five series regulars and what essentially amounts to one moderately sized ‘office’ set is more than likely one of the most affordable comedies to produce on network television. Which one would think (hope?) — in this day and age of belt tightening and economic restraint — has to count for something… right, ABC President Steve McPherson?

With apologies in advance to Michael Ausiello’s future earning potential, can we all not agree that the decision by LOSTerminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to head into the final season of the show 110% spoiler free was the best one the two showrunners have made since pitching ABC a concrete end date for the series three years ago? Seriously. Having not an iota of an idea as to what’s going to happen when the clock strikes 8PM on February 2nd has only multiplied our excitement ten-fold for what we’re confident will be an epic final season of this landmark series.

Now that we’ve caught up with CHUCK following Monday’s fantastic episode, I just wanted to take a moment to publicly apologize to actress Kristin Kreuk who I’ve spent the better part of four years blaming for having forced me off the SMALLVILLE bandwagon thanks to her morose, uninteresting and whiny (Yes, we get it, your parents died leaving you an orphan!) portrayal of one Lana Lang. Playing Hannah, a beautiful girl-next-door-type love interest for the show’s titular hero on Monday’s episode reminded me that the actress was only reading what was given to her on the page. And more to the point, free of her lame Lana Lang persona does in fact have the ability melt hearts, sparkle on screen and best of all smile!

With yesterday’s news revealing that Rob Lowe’s recent decision to exit BROTHERS & SISTERS may have in fact stemmed from co-star Calista Flockhart’s request to work a reduced schedule next season, this TV Addict thought we’d offer up our version of a win-win solution to writers who are no doubt feverishly attempting to scribble together an exit plan which we hope goes a little something like this: Mr. McCallister goes to Washington1 A move that not only will be the closest thing we get to a WEST WING spin-off, but for Flockhart who is angling for a lesser workload, the ideal guest starring role as occasional First Lady. Who’s with me?

  • kevin

    that’s a good point about BOT. hopefully they’ll save it and put it on another night. but, this network has cancelled other shows that i think got better ratings (samantha who?, eli stone, etc), so who knows.

  • Ace

    I would love to see BOT get another season, but when the head of the network pretty much says “the outlook doesn’t look good” then I think you have all the info you need :(. If they keep one, I bet they keep Scrubs since they can probably tact the episodes on to the old show to get more syndication money, they own it so they get DVD money and it is mostly unknowns so it has to be fairly cheap to make.