Good News: GILMORE GIRLS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Dan Palladino are returning to the CW, with the network giving the green light to their UNTITLED WYOMING PROJECT which is said to revolve around a family horse farm in the Midwest. Bad News: For the future of Sherman-Palladino’s HBO series, remember that? [Source]

Good News: HEROES is making headlines for something other than its sinking ratings. Bad News: Adrian Pasdar busted for a DUI.

Good News: For SMALLVILLE fans, who thanks to today’s announcement by the CW that they’ve picked up a reboot of the 90’s action-thriller LA FEMME NIKITA may have found the ideal time slot companion for a possible 10th season of their favorite show. Bad News: For those of us who were hoping the success of LIFE UNEXPECTED might have paved the way for more original ideas on the network that has yet to meet a book, movie and/or 90’s franchise with name recognition that they haven’t wanted to turn into a hit. [Source]

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  • Margaret

    Loved the tv series – Roy Dupuis as Michael was perfection. The creators loved him so much they offered him the role of Jack Bauer in ’24’ and he pased it up!

  • TVFan

    Wow, the cast of Heroes can’t catch a break. And while I’m on the subject, Shame on Adrian Pasdar. When will celebrities learn drinking and driving don’t mix.

  • Hil

    I liked LFN back in the day, but the only way I’d be into a reboot is if the show was on Showtime or HBO or someplace where it could be properly dark. Because it should be an extremely dark show considering the level of cable drama these days.