First Look: THE SIMPSONS are Coming to Canada (Again!)


Proving that HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER isn’t the only show on television that can generate big laughs at their neighbors to north’s expense, THE SIMPSONS are returning to Canada. In fact — almost five years to the day from their last visit that saw Homer and Grandpa trek up to Winnipeg Manitoba in search of affordable prescription drugs — Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and special guest-voice Bob Costas are heading to Vancouver (Which for the geographically challenged, is the city on Canada’s left coast that doubles as America in many of your favorite shows such as SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL and EUREKA) in order to compete in the 2010 Olympics Vancouver Games.

Will Homer be the ruin of the mixed-doubles curling team that includes Marge, Principal Skinner and his mother? Will Lisa’s ‘B’ story that has her collecting Olympic pins bring down the episode? Find out for yourself on February 14th when “Boy Meets Curl” airs on FOX (GlobalTV in Canada).

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  • Why would you leave America for America Jr.?

  • Actually, “Midnight RX” (2005) is the last Simpsons episode set at least partially in Canada, so it’s been five years.

  • Tim G.
    Free health care, poutine, Tim Horton’s, hockey… You’ve been Lawyered!

    Cameron A.
    Thanks for the correction!

  • nathan

    Congrats for the mention on E! Online’s ‘watch with kristin’ collumn! You’re playing with the big boys/girls now!

    “Great Idea We Must Promote: We join our friend TheTVAddict in wanting to see this in the wake of the Ugly Betty cancellation: “A Michael Urie guest spot on Modern Family as Mitchell’s ex.”

  • Nathan,

    Thanks for the heads up. Always a thrill when the original big boys and girls (Ausiello and Kristin) notice little ol’ me.

  • PD

    The title of the episode is actually “Boy Meets Curl”