Ian Somerhalder Reveals the Difference Between LOST and VAMPIRE DIAIRES Fans


Ian Somerhalder likes it both ways.

Playing both good and bad guys (Really, what did you think we were referring to?), he’ll be proving that while only the good die young, they don’t necessarily stay that way by returning as LOST’s Boone, while continuing to sink his teeth into the anti-Edward villain, Damon Salvatore, on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

“Amazing and so fun,” is how Somerhalder described the opportunity to pull double duty this season at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena. “To be able to have the ability to work on both shows, and I say this humbly, two of the best shows on television right now is really surreal, so totally surreal.”

Although Somerhalder wouldn’t speak as to the circumstances surrounding his character’s return to LOST (“I really can’t say.”), he did reveal that the script he read was both “incredible” and heavy, “It weight four pounds!” And further added to the intrigue by letting it slip that fans may be seeing Boone on more than one occasion this season, “I don’t know if I’ve gotten closure yet, I’m assuming that in another six months I’ll have some closure,” laughed the actor.

What Somerhalder was only to happy to talk about are the similarities and differences between the LOST and VAMPIRE DIARIES fandoms.

“Either way they’re awesome,” said the actor, who then paused for a moment to think, “Here’s the difference: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES fans are a lot younger which makes it really adorable. Every thirteen year old girl in America was not watching LOST but they’re watching this show and they’re so cute, so into it, and they have so many questions. They get so excited you’re just like, ‘ Oh I want to hug you!’ And if their older sister wants to come hang out with me or take a photo I’ll put my arm around them and some of the little girls get shaky and a little scared. It’s adorable.”

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles / The CW