• Sorry Apple iPad fans, MAD TV was there first.
• Out of sight! HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER lands Jennifer Lopez.
• A TV first, Fans rally to save a show that’s not even a show (yet)
• Nightmare in Booth’s old high school, Elm Street star Robert Englund to play a high school janitor on BONES.
• Think there’s nothing funny about the IRS? Think again! FOX greenlights Ron Howard IRS comedy pilot.
• Prediction: Stock in Axe Body Spray stock to soar, MTV and the cast of JERSEY SHORE agree to $10,000 per episode for a second season.

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  • Ace

    I also heard that people are trying to convince NBC to pick up David Tennant’s “Rex is Not Your Lawyer”. Apparently they didn’t like the pilot. Honestly, I’d rather him do something more original. Say something without doctors, lawyers or cops.

  • seejayess

    That Mad TV clip has been around for a number of years now, but I’m fairly positive that the iPod hasn’t been around since 1997…

    And, NO, this cannot be construed as defending Apple & their underwhelming iPad.

  • seejayness,
    Since you opened the door, I simply have to ask: Underwhelming iPad? What did you expect? And I don’t mean that it an accusatory way. Genuinely interested, because while history would dictate that sooner or later I’ll cave and purchase one, I by no means am lining up for one

  • Hil

    I was hoping for something that could at least run hulu. And multitask. And have a USB port. (shrug) If a giant iTouch is your thing then iPad is for you.

  • Ace

    Hil – As soon as I heard it couldn’t even play music while you were in another document, we were done.

    It is pretty expensive, has a tiny harddrive, and has LESS functionality than my iPhone. That makes it seem unnecessary. The early reviews haven’t been terribly favorable either — the touch screen isn’t as reactive, heavy, awkward to hold, the apps don’t look very good yet. As with any Apple technology, you should probably wait until the 3rd generation model to jump on board. I bet in 5 years it will be something that I covet.

  • Lou

    A TV first? Hardly, there were “save Dollhouse” websites up like 2 years ago.