Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions We’d Like to See LOST Answer in its Final Season


In anticipation of LOST’s season premiere this Tuesday, the internet has been burning up with posts listing literally hundreds of questions that simply MUST be answered in this sixth and final season. And while we’re under no illusion that all of our burning questions will be answered (Particularly since LOSTerminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised that they won’t!) we did want to take the time to cull together the five questions that we’d very much like to see answered after scanning some of the best (“Why Is Everyone From Oceanic 815 Connected?”) and worst (“Will the smoke monster get a chance to live happily ever after?”) over on,, SCI FI Wire and DocArtz’s LOST Blog.

What is the deal with the island. Really.
Out of all the questions we want answered, the mystery surrounding and significance of the island at the center of this series is unquestionable the most important one. What about the island — aside that is from its inexplicable ability to heal people from disease — have caused people like Charles Widmore, Benjamin Locke, Richard Alpert, Jacob and that other guy to dedicated their lives (and possibly centuries, See: ancient donkey wheels, four-toed statues, temples and black rocks!) to fighting over?

These Kids aren’t alright.
Remember way back in the first season of the show when a then pint-sized Walt would read things and then just like that, they’d happen? Lindelof and Cuse have some ‘splaining do do. Why is Walt so special? Why has he continued to appear in ghost/vision form? And since we’re already on the subject of creepy kids, what is the significance of Baby Aaron?

Ol’ Smokey.
Introduced way back in the series premiere as a terrifying rumble in the jungle, we’re definitely itching to discover the purpose, power and person behind the most controversial puff of black smoke since the stuff that comes out of the Vatican told us who the next Pope would be.

The Parent Trap.
Proof positive that daddy doesn’t always know best are the long list of sperm donors that we’ve met along LOST’s epic five year journey thus far. Starting of course with the most mysterious of all: Jack’s dad, Dr. Christian Shephard — were ‘Daddy Issues’ (see: Jin’s, Kate’s, Ben’s, Claire’s, Faraday’s, Walt’s and Locke’s) simply a thematic choice — or do they play a more significant part of the mysterious thread that has connected many of the passenger on the doomed flight that was Oceanic 815.

Who will Kate Choose?
Just kidding. Seriously, we’ve never watched LOST for the love triangles, even though if we had, with apologies in advance to Sawyer fans, we’d totally be on Team Jack. Umm.. duh, he’s a doctor.

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  • Dave

    No Jacob??? Besides the island itself the biggest mystery for me is Jacob, and for the most part all the ageless people.(Jacob, MIB, and Richard)

  • I think the smoke monster was pretty well explained in Ben’s episode last season. It seems to be an entity that is called forth to judge. It also seems to have been corrupted and used as some sort of watchdog. I wouldn’t mind that one staying a bit of a mystery.

  • That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Lost has hanging over our heads. Still, I doubt they can answer every pressing question fans have to offer, but I hope Lost all the best.

  • TVFan

    Agreed… it’s all about Jacob/MIB/Richard. And it would nice to know that Vincent (The Dog) is safe.

  • Amelia Logan

    i don’t need to know 4 or 5 – that’s just shinfo to me, unless it plays a very large role in the mystery. Somehow i just don’t see kate/jack/sawyer being a part of destiny.

    i want number 1 answered to a degree. not too much info, a little bit of mystery never hurt anyone and will make it exciting to rewatch. I think it’s best when shows leave some opening at the end because you can imagine what happened next… Actually all my favorite shows were canceled – this is the first show i’ve truly liked that had a planned ending. unless you count buffy but even then they only had one season to prepare not 2.
    I do want to know some things about why it’s so mystical or has a drawing power, but too many things answered wouldn’t be lost. 😀
    i think this question is closely related to number 3. i think that everything that i personally want to know about 1 will be answered in relation to 3.

    number 2 is about as captivating to me as adam and eve. which is to say not at all. We have bigger fish to fry here!

    i want to know about: the smoke monster, jacob/MIB, the numbers,

  • forg

    I want to know what happend to Cindy and the kids way back in season 2

  • K.

    Umm.. duh, he’s a douchebag

  • bws

    Smoke Monster, Man In Black, and Jacob are obvious answers coming. I am 99.9% sure of that. (Besides the silly chicken/egg type questions like “What was ‘before’ Jacob.”)

    As for “what is the Island?” that’s more of an esoteric question that I don’t feel needs to be answered. It’s a special place that allows all these incredible things to happen, sometimes through physics and sometimes through some magic and hand-waving. Asking to explain the Island will end up being disappointing. It’s the midochorlians debate.

    I’m more interested in the philosophical stuff about freewill, destiny, and fate.