An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Most Shocking Story Ever!

When it comes to villains, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Adam has to go down in the books as one of the nastiest. Last year, the devious dude went so far as to don a dress as part of his plan to gaslight then-stepmom Ashley. As a result, she tumbled down a staircase and lost the baby she was carrying… only to forget the incident and continue believing herself to be with child thanks to a hysterical pregnancy. Worse, when Ashley actually believed herself to be in labor (despite the fact she wasn’t even pregnant!), he stole another woman’s baby and gave it to her. Did we mention he then went on to marry the woman whose kid he’d napped?

Like we said, this guy is evil.

And this week, his elaborate scheme begins to unravel like a cheap sweater when Ashley begins having memory flashes about the night Adam donned drag and set all of these horrific events in motion.

“What makes this story so fascinating is that against all odds, a lot of fans have really taken to Adam,” says the magazine’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms. “We get a lot of letters and tweets [at @soapsindepthcbs] from people who say, ‘I know Adam stole Sharon’s baby and all, but I kinda think they’re a great couple.’”

Apparently, Sharon is the topic of a lot of conversations among Y&R fans. “That’s not really surprising,” says Simms. “People either love Sharon or they hate her. At one point, she slept with three different men and, of course, got pregnant and had no idea who the daddy was.” The resulting child is the one that was stolen from her — she thinks it died — and some viewers hope that when the whole truth comes out, it will reunite her with ex-hubby Nick. (Did we mention he’s not only the baby’s father but the half-sibling of her current husband, Adam, a.k.a. evil dude?)

“Half the audience wants Sharon to reunite with Nick,” continues the editor. “The other half wants him to stay with his current wife, Phyllis.” To test the waters and see which pairing was more popular, In Depth pitted Nick’s two loves against one another in round two of their Supercouple Smackdown, the results of which are also in the new issue. “Some of the outcomes really surprise me,” concludes Simms, adding that the other results include the fight between THE BOLD & THE BEAUTLFUL’s Donna and Stephanie over designing patriarch Eric, and a battle in which AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Lily and Molly duked it out over longtime fan favorite Holden. “Others, not so much. In this case, two of the three caught me off guard.”

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  • cam3150

    I must say it’s weird to see you reporting on soap opera stuff. Not bad, just weird 🙂

    I haven’t watched Y&R regularly in a while. My other TV shows got to numerous and it became completely overwhelming to try and fit in 5 extra hours a week so Y&R had to go. At the time, the storylines were awful but I’m kinda wishing I would have stuck with it. I do still keep up with it when I can. Anyway, I’ve always loved Nick & Sharon together. Phyllis has never been anything but a whiney, conniving B. Sharon, while she does have some of those qualities as of the last few years, she didn’t start out that way. I’ve always really liked her character and kind of hate what they’ve done to her, really since she was with Jack. For me though, Nick and Sharon are one of those TV couples that I’ll always pull for.

  • I have to disagree with Cam there. Nick and Phyllis have a fire and electricity together that is unmatched in daytime. What started out as a fling (I am almost certain the writers never intended to keep them together long term) has blossomed into a mature, adult relationship. It brought maturity to Nick and Phyllis and when written correctly, they shine like no other. Sharon and Nick are bland and boring. Even when reunited briefly in the summer, they just didn’t have that spark anymore. To much time has gone on and frankly, they are stale now. Not to mention I tire of Sharon’s saintly act of never doing anything wrong.
    For me, Nick and Phyllis will always be the couple I root for. Michelle and Joshua spark together in any scene they are in.

  • Sonja

    I’m hoping the fact that you guys are talking about Y&R is a response to the apparent growing interest in certain storylines, but here goes – I’m one of “those” who can’t get enough of Adam/Sharon together. I used to be a Nick/Sharon fan until Nick’s constant back and forth. I can’t stand Phyllis but so long as she’s keeping Nick busy and away from Sharon, I’m happy. Of course why she has to be involved with nearly every other storyline to boot is something I can’t understand, but that’s another story.

    Yes, Adam has done horrible things. But is he the only one in GC who’s been dubbed “evil”? No. Victor is loved by the masses no matter what he’s done. Phyllis hasn’t even been made to pay for her crimes. Do I want to see Adam get away with everything he’s done? Yes. He’s shown remorse and he is working on being a better man, Sharon has really helped him come a long way and in turn Adam has made Sharon a much stronger woman. A year ago Sharon never would have told off Phyllis like she recently has. Likely may not have even (rightfully) slapped Jack or Nick.

    As you can tell Adam/Sharon has been the storyline to interest me the most. Maybe part of it is how well Michael Muhney and Sharon Case act together, how they play off each other, but really I’m just hoping TPTB manage to keep Adam/Sharon around and together for a long, long time; whether the truth comes out or not.

  • Sonja, I agree with you. I am a Phick fan and I happen to LOVE Sharon and Adam together. And not just because I am a Phick fan. LOL! Problem is, you can’t really be a fan of both whole heartedly on message boards because some don’t find you as sincere but I really do find Shadam interesting. In response, I refuse to go to soap message boards because of how vile they are at times. I think they could be a really good pairing if written correctly. I actually really liked Sharon and Billy together too but I find the show never going there again (even though the chemistry is there).

    My problem with Y&R right now is there is very little movement AND drama lately Not to mention it is predictable to any long time soap viewer. Even with the baby story, everyone can see how it will end. Victor will win over the Abbotts AND Ashley again, because the writers weren’t bold enough to make that kid anyone but Nick’s. They, to me (and again, I am speaking as a fan of good drama), failed the minute they made this kid Nick’s. Why throw in a dream from the prophet Cassie that said baby Faith was already here in Summer if it was not going to mean anything? To me, they talk about how it was Cassie’s dream, Cassie’s this, Cassie’s that? Then why did they even bother to have the actress come back for 1 SHOW that means nothing? They have forever taken away any signifigance Cassie had by that one dream.

    I also think of the drama that could be going on right now if Ashley was raising Sharon and Jack’s kid and Victor was thinking Faith was his daughter when it was his sworn enemy Jack’s. That would have been such a great treat for the viewers that have loved the rivalry between those two. But no. They went with the easy way out.

    What is the fall out? Nick will go back to Sharon? Didn’t Nick already tell Sharon he wasn’t going back to her before Faith was born and he found out she was his? So they are going to have the same conversations over and over again about do I be with Phyllis or do I be with Sharon? Victor gets to gloat around town how Faith gets to be his no matter what by blood? Sigh. Its frustrating for this viewer.

  • SnatchingTasha

    I am a huge Phick fan and I can admit that because I have nothing to hide. I think the reason why Nick and Phyllis worked so well was because when they were finally given the chance to be in the same scene with each other alone there was this chemical reaction that had occurred that transformed them into two people you couldn’t wait to see where and when they would actually sleep together. Some fans might think that this couple is all about sex, but when they started out it wasn’t about sex, it was about an anger they both held onto for reasons that gravitated them together. They slowly began to see each other in a different light before they actually slept together and started their world wind affair. Yes we Phick fans can admit they had an affair we can also admit they had some of the HOTTEST sex scenes on the planet. And we can also admit that they have this rawness about them that just makes you want them to rip each other’s clothes off.

    The point is the whole Smack down poll if you will wasn’t about which couple has the intensity to last or the best story line or even about the couples in general, the smack down was all about the magazine trying to sell magazines and get the fans bases at each other’s throats so that they could sell even more magazines. Well if you ask me you still don’t get the whole picture with regards to Shick and Phick because one had 11 years to themselves with lots of cheating in between, and one seems to always have the EX-WIFE all up in their story lines to get a clear picture of who Phick really is.

    And before I finish this off I would like to say Adam maybe evil, reckless, and very misunderstood, but I have to thank the SOB because he did something that I will always be grateful for he made Sharon’s baby somewhat important when he gave the kid to Ashley. Because if Sharon had raise it all we would have had to hear about from now until we all died a slow and painful death would be about her being the Prophecy Child that Cassie predicted doped up on pain medication and with a temperature so high she was delirious to tell her parents that they would have another little girl. Well Adam I might not have any real use for you but you did two things right one, giving Ashley Faith because she isn’t a prophecy just the forgotten upstairs baby and only comes out to company and Sharon. And two: you married Sharon and made her one of the happiest woman on the planet because she finally became Mrs. Victor Newman. So thanks Adam. And good luck with getting out of this mess with your skin on.

  • SnatchingTasha

    Sonja, I have to agree with that I want Adam to get away with all his crimes especially they ones that he did to Ashley and Sharon. His other business crimes can come to light and not have that big enough affect on him. I am about to admit that I don’t even want Sharon to have her baby back. I mean seriously what is Sharon going to do with another kid that isn’t Cassie. We all know how well Noah turned out dispite his parents and their “cassie love:” I feel like Faith being returned truly is a waste of a good story line and my patience as a viewer because that childs conception to her birth one had to suspend a lot of reality to actually be pulled off. And even then you still have to shake your head. So be it from me to want Adam to pay for his crimes seeing as though I think only a had full of people have spent time in jail, and only a handfull of people actually truly pay.

  • I loved PHICK BEFORE MAB and her hacks started writing for them. Now Bell has destoryed PHICK because she is obsessed with Sharon Case. The disrespect MAB has shown Michelle Stafford and Phyllis/Phick fans it unbelievable. No worries, the way this show is being written under Bell, many Phyllis/Phick fans will slowly fade away. There is nothing at Y&R anymore for us.

  • Snatchingtasha, I totally agree with you on the whole Faith story line. From the moment they had Ashley and Sharon due around the same time the story made us suspend reality. Soaps should suspend reality from time to time but in this case, most viewers could sense this was because the show wanted to do some sort of switch. It was not surprising in the least to this viewer.

  • SnatchingTasha

    Teleia21, the fact that Ashley got pregnant most likely in December and Sharon supposedly drinking like a fish got knocked up in February, isn’t really the problem it was from the jump start you knew Ashley would have to lose her baby in order for 1. The prophecy to be up held and 2. The switch via kidnapping to make any possible sense. I mean this age Y&R would have been better off doing a Days of Our Lives switch where one dies during actually birth and they switch it with the other child, instead of air and a delusion of Nick bring the kid into this world.
    I mean MAB had to not only suspend reality but she has been doing one of those wikipedia searches to come up with this tale of no truths. Instead of trying to make Shick into Phick she should have focused on the story line that drew in the viewers not put them to sleep. Because like I said before from the moment of conception it was never about that child but about the Prophecy Cassie doped up on medication and hopped up on fantasies for told. And to me that made the story line less believable and more about MAB’s need to recreate a past that was so not meant to be. Look at it this way MAB went so far as to have Nick and Sharon remember a child that dies supposedly 8 years ago after “Faith” died and was cremated. Why go so far to make this couple into something that they so are not when you will have to dismantle it later on because it’s not bringing in the ratings.

    Adam is a godsend because he may be there to manipulate and destroy but he is placed right where he needed to be to make it somewhat entertaining. Because you have to get a kick out of a “sometime” blind man with a GPS shoved up his nose that helps him navigate not only houses he has never been in, but hospitals, and psych wards to a point where he is unseen by the seeing people, to deliver air and then switch with a real baby that happens to be Sharon’s. While Sharon in a state of madness has dreamed that Nick delivered her baby and that is cried,(which it did) but how can she be so certain when her reality was all about Nick and not the birth of her baby.

    Which brings into question which no one seems to have brought up about her seeing the paternity test results and only her, so if she imagined Nick delivering the kid how can we be so sure she was in her right mind when reading the paternity test??? We can’t be and MAB in her great wisdom and lacking of story line creativity set a trap for herself that isn’t going to be pretty when she gets herself out of it.

    So I say let Adam so his blind man’s song and dance because from where I sit, he saved both Sharon and Ashley from and extended stay in La casa loca because if we think about it both women have professed how the births of their babies changed their lives. Ashley gain perspective to and strength to leave Victor and really do nothing with her life and Sharon gained some type of sanity and a new husband that will make her Victor’s daughter in law FOREVER – her words not mine. So you see Adam did Sharon, Ashley, Nick, Phyllis, Summer, Noah, Victor, and Faith a huge favor by handing her over to Ashley.

  • SharonFan

    I would love to see Sharon get her daughter back but I would hate to see her pairing with Adam end, they really do make a great couple. I don’t want to see Sharon back with Nick, he’s caused her too much pain. His back and forth between two women has become a bore and tiring to watch. Sharon and Adam’s pairing is fresh, and they bring out the best in each other.

  • Gina

    I have such a renewed interest in Y&R (after watching for more than 25 years) since Sharon and Adam have been paired together. This coupling has an amazing dynamic. Michael Muhney, as Adam, has brought such an exhilerating excitment to this somewhat reviously dragging show. It’s amazing what some fresh new blood can bring to the canvas. i love MM’s enthusiasm. I have never before re-watched episodes, but I do now that he’s on.

    Sharon is much better for the pairing, too. Her character was ailing and adrift, her connection and romance with Nick stale. There is nothing more to draw from there. Even the actors appear bored with one another. Now, with Adam, her character has direction and chemistry with one of the most compelling new fellows on the show. Keep Sharon and Adam together. They have refreshed and reinvigorated Y&R. Keep it coming.

  • RugbyFan

    First I want to say thanks to SID for that absolutely beautiful, chemistry-laden and HOTTTTTTTTT cover of Nick and Phyllis. I haven’t bought a single one for well over a year because Phick was not on the cover. Now that is what a HOT, SEXY SUPERCOUPLE looks like. And Joshua & Michelle are just drop-dead gorgeous people, frankly I was hoping when they were fighting that you folks would do a cover with them both in boxing outfits, helmets and gloves. Now that would have been something. Ok, my wandered there for a moment!!!

    Anyway, I was all set to actually mail in my ballot until I read the write-up for both Nick & Phyllis and Nick & Sharon, and then I just took the cover and the inside photo of Nick and Phyllis (for my scrapbook) without actually reading the magazine and promptly tossed it in the garbage. And I didn’t do that because I don’t like your magazine, I did that because of the “bill of goods” that both MAB and soap magazines sell to fans (well not to me anyway) who probably make up a small portion of the viewing public.

    Let me just start with Nick and Sharon first because I have watched them from the beginning, they may have seemed like a storybook couple but they were anything but, right from the start. I liked them when they started out and even tolerated it when Sharon actually lied and pretended she was a “virgin” before she slept with Nick, no biggie there LOL!! But I think she lost me as a fan at the “let’s not take my birth control pill so I can deliberately get pregnant so I can ensure that my place in the Newman family was cemented, or I don’t know, maybe the kicker was the fact that she abandoned her children, Cassie twice mind you, after she was caught by her husband kissing her FIL and then let him take the blame for it and then promptly traipsed herself off somewhere for months without not a word, got drunk and slept with some man she met once, thereby destroying a relationship between a father and son that to this day Nick and Victor both seem to have a bit of a hard time trying to fix.

    What has just absolutely made me have such disdain for Maria Arena Bell’s writing of this couple is the “ILLUSION” she creates. Not once since she has started writing for this show has she shown the true nature of Nick and Sharon’s relationship. We get the same happy flashbacks all the time. Hey how about showing us those flashbacks of Sharon pretending to be a virgin, deliberately not taking her birth controls pills, sleeping with Diego, kissing her FIL, abandoning her kids and all the other “breaking up” or as your magazine calls it, “the occasional infidelity”. How about showing us Nick’s behavior back then as well. Occasional infidelity, you say, pftttttt! But oh no, MAB won’t show that part of their relationship, will she. In fact, she tries her darndest not to show it. There is so much cowardice in the writing for Nick and Sharon that it makes her “not a good writer at all”.

    I am sharing this incident with SID as it was pretty funny. As I was in the supermarket line waiting to pay for groceries and my SID, a man was actually reading the magazine while in line with his wife, turns out he was a Phick fan, who knew. He also commented how sexy the cover was and then he said I can’t stand Sharon, she is like a “mongrel who inbreeds”, he was commenting on her basically sleeping or kissing her way with all the men in two families (now I can actually say thank heavens John Abbott is not alive – even though there was that scene of ghost John in bed with Jack & Sharon LOL). Turns out he was a veterinarian so I will let SID leave it up to their imagination on what he meant. She has no job, no ambition, no home of her own, does she even have a hobby, she sucks as a mom, the men are turned into nitwits, but she is an easy lay soooo…. He said he knows of no man who would actually think a woman like that is appealing but they have turned Nick into a MORON because of her. It’s a soap, but geez, a little dose of reality is needed here too.

    Now onto the couple who by all rights should not even exist but somehow has managed to create a buzz and still creating a buzz going into their 5th year that your magazine had to have a smackdown against a couple who has so much H-I-S-T-O-R-YYYYYY. All due to Joshua & Michelle! I am willing to bet if these two wonderful actors were not playing this couple that every single fan who love them would have already been gone by now and no one would have mailed in any ballots for you to count. Frankly I love the realistic feel of this “reel couple” and I am not even sure the Y&R writers are intelligent enough to know how much this taps into what a lot of fans in the 21st century can relate to, “a bit of realism” and what a rarity they have in daytime writing such a couple. Y&R managed to give us a hip, fun, sexy, passionate, working couple who love pizza and love playing video games who have a love of family, a collage of traits that most couple would love to have. MAB has managed to almost erase all that. They are not perfect, they are a tad dysfunctional, they did not start out as perfect, were not “destined to be” **rollseyes** (and I love that) and MAB seems to have no problem continually harping on how they started. But NOOOOOOOOOOO…we are supposed to look at Nick and Sharon as the “storybook couple”. OK, alrighty then!!!

    But I have to say your write up for Nick and Phyllis was a-ok, not much to complain about except for one little thing, they didn’t start out as sex first, they started out as Hate LOL and a great deal of conflict, then sex, and after that you got everything else right so kudos for that, but it still did not convince me to mail in that ballot. And if Nick and Phyllis had lost by 1 vote and mine would have tied it I would not feel bad about mailing in that ballot.

    So hopefully, the magazine got what it wanted, a lot of sales. But considering the ways soaps are written these days and promoted, I would venture to say that sooner or later viewers will get tired of writers treating us as if we are ignoramuses and when that starts to happen too much we tend to not want people to think we are stupid. And we all know what happens then.

  • ScottN

    I may be in the minority from the opinions above, but I’ve got no interest in seeing Adam’s marriage to Sharon last or in seeing Faith remain Ashley’s child. As far as Adam goes, where others see remorse in his actions and his romance with Sharon, I see nothing but guilt and self-reservation. The fact that he can look Sharon in the eye, know the grief he caused her and say “I love you,” makes those words sound hollow. And maybe it’s just me, but I see nothing entertaining or rewarding in seeing a woman lose her child and being forced to grieve for it so that a master manipulator can look at himself in the mirror every morning and go on.

    The one thing I agree with most of the opinions above is the acting ability of Michael Muhney. I think Michael’s talent is the only thing that makes the story of Adam even remotely palatable, and it’s especially telling that he made the role his own following in the controversy of Chris Engen’s exit. But an actor’s talent can only do so much when the character has been written in a certain way, and Teflon Adam’s due for a fall. Has his father gotten away with crap for years? Yeah, he has, and I’ve been one of the chief cheerleaders to see Victor pay for what he’s done over the years. But when more and more characters fall into this pattern, the show becomes like a caricature, so I want to see Adam pay – and see Michael act the hell of it when Adam does.

  • Delise

    Phick is the couple they should be going fo. Talk about heat, passion, love…I could go on. I just love them. Pity MAB does not seem to.