TV Ratings: Thursday January 28, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX Bones 11.95 3.5/10
ABC The Deep End 6.08 1.7/5
CBS Live for the Moment (Special) 4.92 1.1/3
NBC Community (R) 4.20 1.6/5
CW The Vampire Diaries 3.75 1.8/5
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation (R) 3.72 1.6/4
9PM FOX Fringe 9.15 3.1/8
CBS CSI (R) 8.96 1.9/5
ABC Grey’s Anatomy (R) 5.38 1.6/4
NBC The Office (R) 4.56 2.1/6
CW Supernatural 2.72 1.2/3
9:30PM NBC 30 Rock 3.88 1.7/5
10PM CBS The Mentalist (R) 11.03 2.2/6
ABC Private Practice (R) 4.52 1.3/4
NBC The Jay Leno Show 4.46 1.2/3

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  • Ace

    Dear other networks besides Fox,

    Please put your shows in repeats on Thursdays in repeats more often so that Fringe gets the kind of ratings it deserves.


  • Ace

    Aaaand I ironically repeated “in repeats’…

  • Dave

    VD was great last night. CW starting to get some good ratings for some decent shows.

  • Loved both hours of the CW last night. VAMPIRE DIARIES continues to surprise at every turn, while SUPERNATURAL had be laughing, crying (Posessed Sarah Drew = Scary) and laughing again.

  • Nick

    People who haven’t watched Vampire Diaries have NO IDEA what they’re missing. This isn’t your typical hour of “filler” TV. Stuff happens–shocking stuff!!–constantly. I’ve never seen a show move along so quickly and keep you riveted every minute. Add in Sean Faris….and you have to wonder why anyone was watching anything else last night.

    P.S. The next TWO eps of Vampire Diaries will have you reeling!

  • JustLiam

    How does a brand new show on 3 weeks in deep end beat out a show like vampire diaries? Do u know where about 30% the first episode viewers came from that now watch Bones? Angel… which is a spinoff of buffy. Im not calling Vampire Diaries, Buffy, but Im saying this is the first highschool type show thats been good in a long time. And cmon, we all loved 90210. (which years depends on your age). But serious this show is very close to buffy like the good years. Its not out of reach, its not corny, its not to highschool drama, but its all those little pieces made into the perfect blend, The show is great!!!! Bottom line. We might need to save it,

  • Gillian

    YAY! Both my fave shows had the highest ratings!!! Fringe and Bones!!! I don’t like TVD, Grey’s or any of that pathetic melodramatic crap!! I love UST!!!

  • CW Vampire Daieries I mark it on my calendar every week, greatest show Damon makes the show….I would like to see Damon have an affair with Elana really throw things for a spin , let me no your thoughts Steve in Hawaii

  • Doug

    CW management must be insane placing Supernatural against CSI!! The OFFICE!! GREY’S ANATOMY!!!

    But then again it is the only series they have that could 2,.72 ratings against those shows and provided a reason for people to begin watching Vampire Diaries in the 1st place.