We Make UGLY BETTY’s Michael Urie and Becki Newton An Offer They Can’t Refuse


Now that the cancelation of UGLY BETTY has sunk in, stars Michael Urie and Becki Newton have some big, potentially career-defining decisions to make.

According to hollywood reporter Nellie Andreeva — BETTY co-star Becki Newton, being a beautiful 30-year-old actress with impeccable comic timing is a hot commodity in Hollywood — and as such, like Urie, is already being inundated with job offers.

Which is why, before Newton jumps on board the UNTITLED new comedy project from the producers of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER*, or Urie signs on to STRANGE BREW from WILL & GRACE creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick*, this TV Addict wanted to take a moment to “WOW” them with an offer of our very own.

Nine dollars and eighty cents. The exact amount we have invested in reserving michaelandbecki.com. No really.

And while we have no expectation that the talented twosome will actually press pause on their burgeoning careers in order to become the next internet superstars, we do hope that Michael and Becki realize just how much happiness their semi-regular UGLY BETTY podcast brought to both ourselves, and legions of fans worldwide. Whether they were answering letters and offering advice, prank calling various BETTY staffers, or interviewing an illustrious line of special guest stars who sometimes weren’t quite sure as to what they had gotten themselves into (FYI: Husky Eric Gold won’t ever stop being funny), the UGLY BETTY podcast was often — particularly during those dark times we like to refer to as the “Lohan” era — as entertaining as the show itself.

In other words, regardless of whatever great things television’s most dynamic of dynamic duos decide to do next, micahelandbecki.com will be ready and waiting as a thank you gift for four years of making us laugh.

P.S. On the off chance Michael and/or Becki are reading this, just have your people call my people.

P.P.S. Oh wait, I don’t have people! Your people can email info [at] thetvaddict [dot] com.

*Note: We don’t actually have any inside knowledge as to Michael and/or Becki’s next move, we simply thought those pilots sounded good!

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  • jeffrey bryan

    I’m starting a campaign to make Becki the mom on HIMYM. Forget jumping onto some risky pilot, cast her as one of the most anticipated characters in sitcom history and on one of the funniest shows around today.

  • I approve. I’m more sad about the Michael & Becki podcast ending than I am about the show ending. 🙁

  • They are my favorite from UB their chemistry is so good and worth watching the show itself. I really do hope we can see more of them in the future of television. 😉

  • louuu

    They should have their own show together. Something like Will and Grace, but in fashion, at a magazine and they make fun of people and one person in particular called Betty! Oh wait 🙁
    They are both extremely talented, i hope they continue to work together, cos their chemisty on and off screen is one of a kind and a true joy to watch. But they both have expressed in the past that they want to do theater 🙁 Although it would be great, they have fans across the world that want to see them on screen and just down right owning it!

  • I thought I was the only one who missed the podcast. I kept searching every week when the new season started but nada.

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