An Open Letter to Kristen Bell


Dear Ms. Bell,

It’s a cold, cruel world out there, as evidenced by the chilly reception critics gave your latest big-screen offering, When In Rome. But you know where it’s nice and toasty? In the warm embrace of your small-screen fans, who adore everything you do, whether it was your starring role on VERONICA MARS or those cheeky GOSSIP GIRL voiceovers. Heck, many of us even stayed with HEROES way longer than we would have — or should have — when you came on board.

We get the appeal of movies, we do. Hey, we’ve all gone slummin’ for a buck. But if the best you can do is pad your resume with one regrettable pic (Couples Retreat)) after another (When in Rome), is that really your best option? Isn’t that rather like leaving a job at Goldman-Sachs to wait tables at Denny’s? Especially given the amazing roles being created for actresses on everything from comedies to dramas. When so many movie stars are flocking to the small screen — heck, a recent DAMAGES scene featured Glenn Close, Martin Short and Lily Tomlin! — why buck the trend?

TV is now the place to be. Trust us. Take a glance at The Hollywood Reporter’s Pilot Log and you’ll find a slew of amazing roles that are more challenging and rewarding than those you’ve been making for the silver screen.

And hey, we’re not asking you to give up movies. That’s why God created the hiatus.

So while we’d loved to have seen you sign on as the lead in the CW’s LA FEMME NIKITA reboot, we completely understand if you’ve outgrown the teen-friendly network. But if it’s romantic comedy you crave, does it not make sense to have the creators of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or THE OC pen it instead of the guy who wrote Old Dogs?

You know we love you,
The TV Addict

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  • Seems this bad decision bug happens to a lot of great small screen actresses when they try to make the jump. I don’t understand why Lauren Graham slums it on the big screen when she shines on TV (well, remains to be seen with new project Parenthood).

  • kevin

    kristen bell was pretty great in forgetting sarah marshall though.

  • LB

    I definitely root for Kristen because I’m a devoted Veronica Mars fan, and I also stuck with Heroes longer than I should have for her (and David Anders). She needs to come back to TV! I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I think that she’s going to continue making bad romantic comedies. VM taught us that she is a good actress, but with the movies she’s been making, who would know?!

  • An intervention because we love her so much? I’ll drink to that.

  • Whoever wrote this open letter-

    Bravo. I 100% agree with you. I was AMAZED that she took this role. Actually, I’m amazed certain actors are in this movie. I have started to believe that the studio must have some blackmail on these actors to make them do this.

    When I first saw a preview for this, my first thoughts were, “Was Kate Hudson too busy to do this?” – seeing as how this fits perfectly with her usual rom-com schtick.

    Kirsten seems to be in a position to do much better. Same with Amy Adams, yet she was in that Leap Year movie. Maybe this is the year of bad-choice movies for starlets. Hmmm.

    Either way, this horrible choice for Bell isn’t going to hurt her future. If anything, it was a way for her to make some quick cash.

    Kudos on the letter.

  • Abby

    She needs to get the movies out of her system, so she won’t always be wondering, “what if?” She’ll be back “home” with her tv fans, hopefully sooner than later.

  • Hil

    I am hoping she is just earning money so she can do whatever she wants in the future.

    That being said…I haven’t bothered to watch any of her movies. I will follow actors when they go on artistic deviations, but not to all around crummy movies.

  • Kaitlin

    Honestly, the best show for her to join is Glee. The girl can sing. She TOTALLY needs to be cast on this show. NOW.

  • Kristen Bell on Glee…. Hrm. I see her as a new Drama teacher for McKinley High, and a rival for Jayma Mays when it comes to Will.

    Yes. Perfect. Cast her for S2.

  • However… If Josh Schwartz had any sense, he’d cast her for a short term recurring arc on CHUCK. I’d take Kristen Bell over Kristen Kreuk any day of the week.

  • Emily N

    Ooh, I’d love to see Kristen Bell on Glee or Chuck! But I’d also be happy for her to take a role in a new show. Either way TV would certainly be a better career move than her movie choices.

  • J

    Kristen Bell on Chuck would be amazing! She would be perfect as a love interest for Chuck, up against Sarah. Or I’d love to see her in some sort of secret agent role. Or maybe she could be a private investigator….. 😉

    A great TV role would be a lot better than crap movie roles.

  • Why do so many people hate on romantic comedies? Some of us actually enjoy watching these movies and When in Rome, while not awesome, was enjoyable. I wish they’d make more of these movies, which my friends and I enjoy going to see on our “girls’ nights out.”

  • Ren

    Don’t worry Stephanie there are many more rom-coms to come.

    Meanwhile I’d really like to see Kristen finally make an appearance on Gossip Girl, she’s been the voice over for three seasons now and the plots on the show have been so blah recently that I honestly wish she could make a surprise appearance.

    I agree with others she should definitely make a guest appearance on Glee or Chuck. She could be a former Cheerio who returns to teach at McKinnley High much to Sue’s disappointment due to a rivalry between the two haha

  • Stephanie

    Kristen said on her own Twitter that getting roles that are more diverse and deep are harder in that town, and that she’s trying. I don’t think we can blame her for wanting to work on at least something, even if it’s not award-worthy.

  • Chels725

    I love Kristen in all her roles, even when the movies suck. I quit watching Heroes when she left the show & I would totally go see a VMars movie. I love how she is still to this day pushing for that film. I think her career can only go up from here.

  • j

    jennifer aniston.

    it is all her fault.