the TV addict

An Open Letter to Kristen Bell

Dear Ms. Bell,

It’s a cold, cruel world out there, as evidenced by the chilly reception critics gave your latest big-screen offering, When In Rome. But you know where it’s nice and toasty? In the warm embrace of your small-screen fans, who adore everything you do, whether it was your starring role on VERONICA MARS or those cheeky GOSSIP GIRL voiceovers. Heck, many of us even stayed with HEROES way longer than we would have — or should have — when you came on board.

We get the appeal of movies, we do. Hey, we’ve all gone slummin’ for a buck. But if the best you can do is pad your resume with one regrettable pic (Couples Retreat)) after another (When in Rome), is that really your best option? Isn’t that rather like leaving a job at Goldman-Sachs to wait tables at Denny’s? Especially given the amazing roles being created for actresses on everything from comedies to dramas. When so many movie stars are flocking to the small screen — heck, a recent DAMAGES scene featured Glenn Close, Martin Short and Lily Tomlin! — why buck the trend?

TV is now the place to be. Trust us. Take a glance at The Hollywood Reporter’s Pilot Log and you’ll find a slew of amazing roles that are more challenging and rewarding than those you’ve been making for the silver screen.

And hey, we’re not asking you to give up movies. That’s why God created the hiatus.

So while we’d loved to have seen you sign on as the lead in the CW’s LA FEMME NIKITA reboot, we completely understand if you’ve outgrown the teen-friendly network. But if it’s romantic comedy you crave, does it not make sense to have the creators of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or THE OC pen it instead of the guy who wrote Old Dogs?

You know we love you,
The TV Addict