Separated at Birth: BIG LOVE’s Alby Grant and LOST’s Benjamin Linus


Three quick observations with regards to last night’s phenomenal instalment of BIG LOVE. 1) In addition to her ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy clip, last night’s heartbreaking and tearful confession by Margene as to what really went down between herself and Ben just cemented Ginnifer Goodwin’s status as television’s most underrated actress. 2) Almost as shocking as the three whole seconds it took Bill to expell his own son from his house was his treatment of loyal second-in-command Don. Seriously, somebody needs to smack this man upside the head for his continual self righteous and destructive behaviour. And finally, 3) Just how did it take us so long to reach our latest separated at birth comparison: BIG LOVE’s Alby Grant and LOST’s Benjamin Linus. Discuss.

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  • There’s always been a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I’ve seen Alby somewhere before. Thanks for making the connection!

  • Melissa

    Big Love was A-MAZING last night! And i’m totally with you! Someone needs to whack Bill Henrickson upside the head with his own campaign sign!

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  • I totally agree that what Bill did to Don was awful, not to mention not very Godlike! Mr. “life revolves around the church” is showing a very poor example to his family by asking poor Don (whose life is already falling apart) to take the bullet for him. They make comments like “the sugar is going to hit the fan” but it’s ok to treat your friend & business partner that way? I hope Bill’s everything crashes down around him…karma is going to be his 4th wife, you just watch!